How 'Improvised' And 'Craft-Built' Weapons Kill All Gun Control Arguments


When anti-gunners start pontificating all about how cracking down on legal gun sales will somehow make our communities safer, many of us want to roll our eyes. Why? Because we know better.


As things currently stand, there are already way too many guns that have somehow gotten into the wrong hands as it is. They’ve broken laws to obtain guns, and there’s no reason to believe that will change with a few new laws.

However, let’s try something for a moment. Let’s pretend, for the sake of argument, that the government could get rid of every firearm in the country, including the criminals’ guns. Would that take care of the problems with firearm-related crime?


A while back, Forgotten Weapons did an episode on “improvised & craft-built weapons” that was particularly interesting. The video:

Now, let’s take a moment and consider these guns.

The manufacturing involved here may look complicated, but the silver-looking submachine gun moved early in the episode was also highlighted in a previous episode. It’s a completely homemade submachine gun built based on instructions that are literally all over the world. This doesn’t require more than an intermediate hobbyist-level of technical experience to assemble.


Also shown but not discussed in the video are 3D printed firearms which require even less expertise.

The rest tend to fall somewhere in the middle, all things considered, though the gun shown in the thumbnail on YouTube may be the most simple gun possible. But, it’s one I wouldn’t trust.

The truth of the matter is that people who want to have a gun can be extraordinarily creative when it comes to their desire to have one. We’ve seen this with England’s rising gun-related homicide rate continuing to rise despite strict controls on even blank-firing pistols. After all, even those can be converted if someone is crafty enough.

One thing we need to understand about the criminal mind is that they’re not afraid of hard work. They’re not.

What they refuse to do, however, is play by society’s rules and focus that hard work into something productive. They’d much rather build a gun to rob someone than use that expertise, imagination, and skill to create something new and innovative that could get them much farther ahead in life and not land them in prison.


But that’s like regular work and stuff. That is what they’re apparently allergic to, not work in and of itself.

So, they’ll continue to find ways to get guns despite England’s strict gun laws and then use those guns for nefarious purposes. Then lawmakers will try and push for new laws and forget all about how these people circumvented that whole issue the first time around.

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result, then clearly there’s no sanity among those who think gun control is a good idea.

Then again, that’s hardly a surprising revelation.

What else do you think could drive someone to believe banning guns will work when anyone proficient with a welder could build a replica of that slam-fire shotgun?

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