Canadian 'Expert' Completely Mischaracterizes American Gun Culture

I’m not an expert in other countries and how they do things. I look into it if needed, but I don’t devote a lot of time to it. That’s their business, after all, not mine. I have enough to do in just keeping up with stuff here, after all.


As such, I shouldn’t get upset when someone from another country botches the reality here within the United States. However, when it’s a supposed expert who asserts absolute BS, I kind of can’t help myself.

For example:

President Donald Trump may be concerned about Canadians smuggling shoes over the border, but according to renowned crime specialist and author, James Dubro, footwear should be low priority when it comes to border security.

According to Dubro, it’s incredibly easy to obtain a gun on the streets of Toronto, and up to 50 per cent of them are smuggled across the border.

“I think the biggest threat to Canadian security vis-à-vis guns is the proximity to the United States,” he told CityNews.

“Obviously the United States is a gun happy nation as we all know…and it’s so easy to get guns, there’s hundreds of thousands of gun shops, you can buy them online.

Seriously, will someone tell me just where I can buy a gun online and have it shipped to my house without having some kind of an FFL? Oh yeah, you can’t. I can’t hop on the computer and order a new Glock or AR-15, give them my credit card number, then wait for it to be delivered by UPS or FedEx. That’s just not how it works.

While you can purchase the gun online, you can’t actually take possession of it without a background check. Kind of like what happens at all of those “hundreds of thousands of gun shops.”

Now, I don’t have any doubt that criminals in Canada obtain guns via the United States…in some instances. I also suspect that many have Canadian sources for guns as well. After all, there actually is a Canadian gun culture, despite the best intentions of anti-gun zealots up north. They’re still there, and they can just as easily be robbed as Americans can.


But what they can’t do is purchase a firearm here in the United States legally and then take it north. While Dubro recounts the story of a hitman who got guns in Niagra Falls, NY, and then carried them across the border, what he either leaves out or was so blinded by his own biases that he didn’t bother to learn is that in order to do that, the hitman in question had to present himself as someone legally authorized to purchase a gun. A Canadian citizen and resident isn’t someone who can legally do so.

In other words, he obtained his guns illegally, then smuggled them north.

Unfortunately, that wouldn’t advance the narrative Dubro is trying to advance. He wants to blame any and all of Canada’s ills on America. Yet he fails to understand that the problems will exist with or without guns. Fix the underlying problems and the guns will be irrelevant.

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