It's Cute When Politicians Think They Can Force Gun Control. Sorta

It's Cute When Politicians Think They Can Force Gun Control. Sorta

Right now, gun control is one of the more hotly debated topics out there. However, it’s not as hot as it has been in the very recent past.

Parkland was almost six months ago by this point, and the media has moved onto other topics. While they still give attention to gun control from time to time, there’s far less discussion of it than there was just a month ago in the national media.


However, some politicians seem to think this is the number one priority and are ready to throw down with even members of their own party if gun control doesn’t happen.

Oh, they’re so adorable when they’re ignorant as hell.

At a gun safety town hall Tuesday night in Aurora, Colorado, where a 2012 shooting in a theater left 12 people dead and dozens of others injured, Democrats made it clear that members of their party need to embrace real gun control reforms or step aside.

The crowd cheered when Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton and Jason Crow, the Democrat running against Republican Rep. Mike Coffman to represent Aurora in Congress, said that if congressional leadership is unwilling to pass gun control measures, they need to be replaced.

“One of the things we don’t like to talk about is that when Democrats were last in charge, we didn’t pass any of these measures either. And so I think it’s time for a new generation of leadership across the Congress,” Moulton, who is a frequent Democratic leadership critic, said, receiving applause from the room.

This isn’t unusual. People campaigning are often clueless and ignorant as to the whys of things at the next level up, sometimes willfully so in the case of a representative who is already in Congress but ignores what is going on.


Look, no one thinks Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer are pro-gun. Seriously, no one on Earth, so far as I can tell, has deluded themselves to that point and that includes the guy who is convinced the aliens are spying on him through his sneakers.

So why wasn’t gun control pushed during the days of the Obama administration when Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress? Well, as Obama said during the 2008 campaign, he didn’t have the votes.

During the Clinton administration, a Democratic Congress pushed forth the Assault Weapon Ban of 1994. It was a massive piece of legislation that tried to curb ownership of guns like AR-15s and AK-pattern rifles. It also resulted in a red wave crashing over Congress and changing the political landscape for almost a decade.

What Moulton doesn’t comprehend, despite being in Congress, is that while gun control is an important issue to him, it’s not to most of the American people. While some may agree with him, those folks tend to rank it as a fairly low priority when it comes to picking candidates.

Do you want to know who gun control is really important to? Gun owners.

And, unfortunately for Moulton, we tend to vote against people who support it. That’s what happened after the Assault Weapon Ban and that’s what will happen the next time some enterprising lawmaker decides to get froggy with people’s right to keep and bear arms.


Pelosi and Schumer, for all their faults, at least understand this. That’s why the leadership isn’t likely to push forward on gun control. They know that even if they win, they lose.

Anti-gun candidates would do well to remember that going forward, though I doubt they will.

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