CA Man Gets Five Year Sentence For Trafficking 'Ghost Guns'

No matter what kind of gun control you try and enact, there will be ways around it. Especially in a country with as much wealth as the United States, where people can afford the tooling to bypass gun laws altogether.


We live in a world where people can manufacture their guns because they have the technology and know-how to do so, and there’s nothing a gun-grabbing government can do about it. Well, not at least until he’s caught.

A Grass Valley man was sentenced to five years in prison Friday by a U.S. District Court judge for the unlawful manufacturing and dealing of “ghost” guns, according to the federal Department of Justice.

Michael Paul Grisham Smith, 44, was arrested earlier this year after contacting a firearms vendor on the darknet, a part of the internet accessible only through specialized anonymity-providing tools, seeking to sell AR-15-style firearms without serial numbers, a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.

Unfortunately for Smith, the darknet isn’t inaccessible to law enforcement, and he ended up selling eight guns to an undercover officer working with Homeland Security.

Not smart.

It seems that because he went to the darknet to find a buyer for his guns, Smith wasn’t interested in selling guns to law-abiding citizens. Let’s call it a hunch. As such, despite disagreeing with pretty much every gun law in existence anywhere on the planet, I’m not going to feel too bad for him. Mr. Smith Goes To Prison seems appropriate considering.


But there’s something anti-gunners need to consider.

You see, while they look at this as proof that we need more gun laws or evidence that gun control works, they forget that Smith was able to build and sell eight guns without anyone knowing he was doing it. Only bad luck or stupidity landed him in prison.

The fact of the matter is that as noted earlier today, gun control’s hopes of ever being effective are dead.

In this day and age, anyone can manufacture a firearm. Between 3D printers, home CNC machines, and other goodies that are easily accessible and coming down in cost, there’s no way to prevent someone from making receivers at home, thus bypassing the background check process completely. You know, the process that doesn’t work anyway?

The ship has long since set sail on gun control.

Unfortunately, the anti-gunners out there still think they can make it work. They’re convinced they can pass a few more laws and suddenly, we become a crime-free Utopia. So they keep pushing for more laws, keep agitating for more gun control, all the while oblivious to the mountains of evidence that not only is it unconstitutional, but it doesn’t even work.


I’d be flabbergasted by this, except for one thing. These are often the same people who claim that socialism will work this time. Seriously, there’s considerable overlap between the two groups, so it’s not surprising that despite all the technology in home workshops that can be used to make a firearm, they still think gun control can work.

Delusions. They’re not just for those committed to mental wards anymore.

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