Pink's Husband Cory Hart Warns Malibu Looters Will Be Shot

Celebrities tend to be either anti-gun or very quiet. They don’t talk about being pro-gun or being avid shooters, and it’s not difficult to understand why. When celebrities show any interest in firearms, they’re immediately beset by anti-gunners telling them all about how evil they are.


While Pink’s husband, former motocross racer Cory Hart, isn’t what most would consider a celebrity, he’s got a high enough profile due to his marriage that you would think he would walk that line. Besides, it’s not like celebrities are known for marrying pro-gun people either.

Yet a recent post on his Instagram has spurred some controversy. It seems Hart has no tolerance for looting, and his Instagram post makes it pretty clear.

Note the hashtags at the bottom.

Look, I get believing that shooting looters isn’t the way to handle the situation, but what the hell does this have to do with the Borderline shooting? None of these people are rampage killers in the making. They’re people who don’t want scum coming into their neighborhoods at a difficult time and robbing people.

I’m sorry, but as a survivor of another recent natural disaster (Hurricane Michael), I get their motivation completely. I think looters are scum. If they were scavenging supplies to survive, that would be one thing, but that’s not what’s happening. They’re stealing because they can. That’s it, and that’s why I get the anger.


Frankly, I’m of the belief that if more criminals were worried about getting shot for their actions, there would be a whole lot fewer criminals. I can’t help but think that the individual who thinks this is what’s wrong with this country is a prime example of what is truly wrong with it.

Let the looters fear for their lives. Maybe then they’ll start making better life choices.

It’s nice to see Hart making a statement that is clearly in support of the Second Amendment. While he may not have his wife’s profile, he’s still got a high enough one that it will make a few folks step back and rethink what they believe about our right to keep and bear arms. For us, that’s a win, and one I’m happy enough with.

And if it prevents looting, well, that’s an incredible bonus.

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