Swalwell Now Using Snopes To Fend Off 'Faux Outrage'

Swalwell Now Using Snopes To Fend Off 'Faux Outrage'

Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell wasn’t happy just mentioning nuclear weapons in response to a warning of civil war should his plan to confiscate certain guns went through. Oh no. That wasn’t nearly enough.


When left-leaning Snopes, a so-called fact-checking site with a notorious bias against the right and guns, decided to jump into the fray, Swalwell thought he finally had his checkmate for the people blasting him on social media.

Lucky for you, I read the Snopes story, so you don’t have to. The short version is that it acknowledged Swalwell said the government had nukes, but bought his claim that it was a sarcastic joke.

It also cherry-picked a Daily Wire story that didn’t include Swalwell’s claims as some kind of evidence that the Democrat was being misrepresented or something, though most outlets did include that claim. It just didn’t change anything for most of us.

This is the reason most of us ignore Snopes for political stuff these days.

Swalwell, however, still doesn’t get it. At all.

He brought up nuclear weapons in response to a warning that gun confiscation would lead to civil war. He was glib in his response to legitimate concerns simply because he didn’t like the politics of the guy raising those concerns. Now, he’s calling all of this “faux outrage,” because apparently, we don’t have any reason to be upset and we’re just pretending to be furious that a member of the United States House of Representatives would even imply the potential use of nuclear weapons against Americans.


Oh, no. We’re not upset. We’re not outraged. We can’t be. After all, Snopes said it wasn’t a big deal.

Next, he’ll claim we’re all just Russian bots.

Mr. Swalwell, I wrote an open letter to you yesterday, so I’m going to speak directly to you today.

Just stop.

We are Americans, and we don’t think your idea of sarcasm was appropriate. You are a prime example of everything wrong with your party. You believe so much in your brand of moral righteousness that you dismiss legitimate concerns out of hand and make sarcastic comments about irradicating a large portion of the United States (look at what states go red and which go blue. Most of the U.S., geographically speaking, would be in opposition to Swalwell’s plan after all). Never once did you consider that you may have messed up.

We aren’t going anywhere. We aren’t giving up our guns. Frankly, we’re not remotely interested in just rolling over for your pathetic butt to cram still more restrictions down our throats just so you can go home and tell your liberal constituents just how hard you fought. We owe you nothing.

If you were seriously interested in sitting down with us, you wouldn’t have even thought of invoking nukes in your glib response.

You don’t want consensus. You don’t want us to work together. You want to bully all of us into your anti-gun Utopia, and it’s not going to happen.


Let’s be clear. If you get your way and law enforcement or the military starts going after people for refusing to sell their guns to the government as part of a pathetic buy-back program, you will get a war. You’ll get it, and you will be responsible for the bloodshed that follows. Don’t tell me it won’t happen either. It already has.

Now, imagine what it will be like when gun owners know the government is coming?

As for the outrage, you can end it. You can end it right now.

All you have to do is issue a heartfelt apology for your sarcastic comment on a text-only medium and for your subsequent dismissal of anyone who dared to call you to the carpet for it.

Somehow, I don’t see that happening.

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