Why Anti-Gunners Don't Care About 'Good Guys With Guns'

No matter how many times we point out the differences made by good guys with guns, the anti-gunners continue to insist on pushing for more gun control. They fight over concealed carry, despite the number of times a good guy with a gun has made the difference in keeping a local headline from becoming a national tragedy. They simply can’t seem to process it.

Over at Townhall, Karen Kateline has some thoughts on just why that is.

The Left has been working overtime to erase the difference between good guys and bad guys. To them, we are all just as capable of being Charles Manson as we are Mother Theresa. They claim that individual choice and personal responsibility has nothing to do with who is good and who is evil. Maybe that’s why they can always be counted upon to come to the defense of ruthless, hardened criminals. They have for decades perpetuated the idea that criminals are victims. Now, they’ve moved on to painting law-abiding citizens are criminals.  This speeds us on the road to being all the same. Think of it as the redistribution of personal responsibility.

If you are white, male, Christian, or God-forbid, a Republican, you are already guilty without having done anything at all. If you dare to own a gun, you are de facto guilty. It doesn’t matter what choices you make. The Left does not consider this to be prejudice as long as the right people are pre-judged. They argue that they can perfect the world and our behavior by creating a “correct” society which they will define for us. We are merely spokes in their socialist utopian wheel.

Whether it’s about women, guns, taxes, or trade, positions on the Left are built on the same collectivist bigotry. No one ever seems to hold them accountable for not counting themselves among the groups into which they have categorized everyone else. That’s how Michael Moore is able to rail about stupid white men even though he is one. That level of arrogance is reserved only for the power elite.

This crazy-making, upside down thinking makes most conservatives either shake their heads or giggle. “How can anybody actually believe that?” Possibly for the same reasons the Left believes that all women should be believed because they are women;  that you can “identify” as anything you want but you shouldn’t engage in “cultural appropriation,” and that eating Chicken Cacciatore constitutes a holocaust on your plate.

She makes a fair point.

While the anti-gunners tend to be of collectivist leanings, part of their collectivism includes collective guilt. If you’re not a minority, you are guilty because someone with your skin tone did awful things decades or centuries ago. You weren’t even alive then, but you’re responsible.

If you are a minority and don’t buy into their collectivist nonsense, then you’re a traitor to your people and thus guilty.

Because you’re guilty, then, it stands to reason that you can’t be a good guy with a gun. After all, none of us are good guys, so it’s impossible for there to be good guys with guns.

At least in their minds.

Yes, it’s insane. I don’t want to believe anyone is capable of this kind of thinking, but they are. Why else would people assume they’re at risk simply because I have a gun? There are people out there who think we are dangerous simply because we enjoy firearms. No other group of people is vilified for enjoying something legal that harms no one, but we are. It’s because, in their minds, we’re not good, innocent people. We’re guilty.

And the guilty should be disarmed forever.