Home Invader Shot, Killed By Woman Headed For Church

Home invasions are no laughing matter. They’re tense and terrifying for the victims, the kind of thing no one wants to experience.

A Detroit home invader was shown the error of his ways, this past weekend, however. Unfortunately for him – and fortunately for the rest of society – this scumbag won’t have a chance to learn from his mistakes.

Detroit police say a man who invaded a home on the city’s west side has been fatally shot by one of the residents.

They say a 75-year-old, a 55-year-old and her 29-year-old daughter were leaving for church about 10:30 a.m. Sunday when a man confronted them in the home’s driveway and forced them back inside.

“They were accosted by an unknown male, someone they had never seen before. The male grabbed onto the women by the coat. The woman got loose, she went into her house,” an unidentified police officer told WXYZ. “It appears that this person was not known, either to the mother or the daughter.”

Police said that while inside, the 55-year-old woman pulled a gun and fired two shots at the man, hitting him at least once in his chest.

The suspect was Dead Right There, and no charges will be filed against the woman due to the clear-cut nature of it being self-defense.

I won’t say you can’t ask for a much clearer example, but only because there weren’t 15 video cameras showing the guy waving a gun in her face, but that’s about the only reason why. It’s clear enough and good on the police for recognizing that.

What the woman did wasn’t just self-defense, though. No, it sounds like it was a community service.

It’s likely this dirtball had done either this or something similar enough before now. It’s also likely he wouldn’t have stopped if he’d gotten away with it. I’m starting to believe that part of the reason we have recidivism is that some of these thugs get a rush out of the act and become addicted to that rush.

Well, this one got a rush, a rush to the morgue.

If more instances like this become common-place, maybe we’ll see the crime rate in places like Detroit plummet. After all, not only did this woman stop this crime, but she prevented countless others from taking place. How many people won’t be terrified of their own homes because this guy can’t assault them? How many people will continue to live because this guy can’t murder them? We don’t know. We can’t know.

But we do know that these three women are fine if probably a little shaken up. They’re fine because they were armed and willing to act in self-defense.

Keep these women in mind the next time someone tries to tell you that no one needs to carry a firearm. Remember, they were going to church. They were forced back into the house. It’s unlikely he allowed her to go and get a gun to shoot him. She most likely had it on her person, because that’s where she needed it.

And now she’s dealing with a mess in her house, rather than hospital bills and a deceased loved one.

I’d say that’s a good enough trade.