Terrorist Mass Shooting In Europe, Where Mass Shootings Don't Happen

We’re told over and over that the United States is the only country where mass shootings happen. Over and over again, the anti-gunners pretend that this is a uniquely American problem. Europe, they tell us, is immune to this sort of thing, which would be easier to believe if it didn’t keep happening over there, too.


A suspect on a terrorist watch list was being hunted Wednesday after three people were killed and more than a dozen others wounded in a shooting near a Christmas market in the French city of Strasbourg.

Police had raided the suspect’s home hours before Tuesday’s attack as part of a burglary probe.

Cultural sites and sports centers were closed on Wednesday as 350 police officers were deployed in the manhunt.

The shooting took place shortly before 8 p.m. local time (2 p.m. ET) near a Christmas market that attracts millions of tourists every year. Strasbourg considers itself the “capital of Christmas.”

The suspect fled the scene and exchanged shots with police between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. local time, according to Interior Minister Christophe Castaner. He said the suspect has a criminal record in France and Germany.

According to another site, the suspect had a semi-automatic handgun and a knife which he was able to smuggle inside of a secure zone.

Shortly before 8pm last night, the assailant went on the rampage in Strasbourg’s city centre in the bustling rue des Ofrèvres armed with an automatic pistol and knife.

The mayor of Strasbourg, Roland Ries, said the gunman got inside a security zone of the Christmas market to stage the attack.


So, in other words, strict gun control restrictions and on-site security weren’t sufficient to stop this attack from happening.

I’m shocked.

I suspect someone will try to argue that this is different because this is terrorism, but so was the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, but that didn’t stop domestic gun grabbers from trying to ram through regulations aimed at infringing on our Second Amendment rights.

Terrorism or not doesn’t matter.

This was the kind of attack we’re constantly told only happens here. Well, it happened there. It happened there just weeks after a deadly attack in Ukraine. They happen everywhere.

Maybe the motivation is different, but does it matter? If it’s your loved one dies, does it matter?

A while back, I had a source on a terrorist attack in Finland. She was actually at the scene when a man yelled “Allah Ackbar!” and started stabbing people. You know what she wished she’d have had that moment when the terrorist was stabbing innocent people? A gun.

But Europeans are a disarmed breed of human. They’ve been deprived of their God-given right to defend themselves from the predators that walk among us.


As a result, this person could do nothing but pray. She was fortunate. She wasn’t touched for some reason.

Others weren’t so fortunate.

Then it happens again, this time using a firearm, something that’s supposedly so difficult to get in France. It’s not even the first time terrorists have gotten guns in that nation. Remember Paris?

Maybe eventually, someone will get the memo that gun laws don’t stop bad people from doing bad things.

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