CNN Credits Parkland Parent For Anti-Gun State's Gun Control Law

CNN has made an art form out of beclowning itself. Perhaps the greatest is when the network suggested a black hole opened up and gobbled up an airliner, but it seems CNN’s determined to up its game.


Its latest attempt is to credit the parents of Parkland victims for the anti-gunners’ big win in New York.

Linda Beigel Schulman knows that her son would be proud of her.

Her son, Scott Beigel, was a geography teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, and he was one of those killed on February 14, 2018, as he tried protect students during the mass shooting.
On Tuesday, nearing a year since her son’s murder, Beigel Schulman sat at a table next to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and held up a photo of Scott, confident that his death was not in vain.
“I know that no matter how senseless and no matter how incomprehensible the Parkland massacre was (and) Scott’s murder was, when we pass the red flag law … Scott’s murder will now save lives,” she said.
Thanks to Beigel Schulman’s advocacy and a Democratic wave in the most recent election, the New York state legislature passed several gun control bills intended to prevent the type of mass shootings that occurred in Parkland and in Las Vegas in the past two years.
The bills prohibit bump stocks — the firearm accessory used in the Las Vegas shooting — ban teachers from carrying firearms at school, establish a municipal gun buyback program, and extend to 30 days the time a gun-buyer needs to wait to buy a weapon if they don’t pass a background check.
Most notably, New York passed a “red flag” bill that allows a police officer, family member, or school administrator to ask a court to issue an extreme risk protection order that would prohibit a person deemed to be a danger from buying or possessing a firearm.

OK, she lobbied for it. I get that. But let’s also be realistic here for a moment. The outcome of these bills was never in doubt. Anti-gun Democrats hold a 107-43 advantage in the Assembly and a 40-23 advantage in the Senate. It’s not like this is a makeup likely to be pro-gun. While liberal gun owners exist, they’re not that common. There’s no way that you’re going to see a pro-gun majority in New York state.

So what did this victim’s parents do? They were a prop. They let Gov. Andrew Cuomo pretend he’s making people safer for their son’s sake.

She could have stayed at home in Florida, and the bills still would have passed.

Maybe it’s time that CNN stops pretending that everything an anti-gunner with Parkland ties does is shifting the tide on guns. Sure, give them coverage when they make a difference, but at this point, the coverage is “Look, a Parkland person!” It’s like their existence is newsworthy in and of itself, and it’s disgusting.

New York was never in doubt. The moment those bills were proposed, everyone knew they were going to pass, and Cuomo was going to sign. Beigel Schulman’s presence had no bearing on it.

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