New Mexico County Becomes Gun 'Sanctuary County'

Progressives didn’t mean for this to happen. Not by a longshot.

They never meant for anyone else to embrace the idea of becoming jurisdictions where certain laws wouldn’t be enforced. When Democrat-controlled cities started doing that regarding immigration, they were probably convinced it was the best idea ever, and it would never backfire.


Meanwhile, gun rights supporters sat back and smile as these same progressives pushed for gun control. They knew it was time that what was good for the goose was good for the gander.

In New Mexico, most of the sheriffs of the state have already come out in opposition to proposed gun laws, but one county wasn’t going to leave its chief law enforcement officer high and dry.

A small county in eastern New Mexico declared itself a “Second Amendment Sanctuary County” on Wednesday in protest of pending gun control legislation in the state.

The Quay County Commission voted unanimously to pass the resolution, Albuquerque’s KRQE-TV reported.

The state’s House Republicans commended the move in a statement, saying they are proud of Quay County, with its population of about 10,000 citizens, for standing up for the rights of New Mexicans. Republican lawmakers represent the minority in both the state’s House and Senate.

The bill is a state-level universal background check bill and, unfortunately, will probably pass in the state. That’s a shame, but thankfully, some are willing to make a stand.

However, this is becoming far more common throughout the nation, and I have to be honest, I’m concerned about it.

Don’t get me wrong. I think the Quay County Commission is doing the right thing. What worries me is that we’re going to end up creating a patchwork of different laws to such a degree that it’ll be hard to continue to consider ourselves a single nation. Instead, we’ll be a patchwork of city-states that dominate the landscape.


It may only be a matter of time before someone tries to force someone else to enforce laws they’ve declared null and void within their borders.

What happens then? Well, that’s a topic for another time, but for now, we need to be thankful that at least someone is willing to make this stand in New Mexico. If the rest of the pro-gun counties would do the same, it might send a signal to the statehouse that gun control isn’t welcome in New Mexico after all.

Of course, we’re also talking about anti-gunners who think they know better than anyone else about what they need and don’t need. It’s highly unlikely they’d get the message.

What would happen, though, is that the laws will only apply in the handful of liberal enclaves that control the state while leaving the rest of the people free to be free.

Frankly, that’s kind of a beautiful thing, when you think about it. It might also be more than progressives can handle at the end of the day. They’re not good with people being free, after all.

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