Idaho Lawmakers Consider Bill Allowing Concealed Carry In Schools

AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

The most effective means for protecting kids in school from armed maniacs isn’t age limits on buying a gun or universal background checks. No, it’s having a good guy with a gun present to end the threat before things get ugly.


Despite that, anti-gunners have made it their mission to do everything they can to prevent that from happening. Instead, they freak out about how the same teachers they lionize regularly will suddenly flip out and start gunning down others.

In Idaho, it seems at least some lawmakers aren’t buying that nonsense.

Idaho lawmakers are considering a proposal that would allow anyone with an enhanced concealed carry permit to bring weapons onto public school grounds.

The bill, which would prevent Idaho public schools from restricting who can carry weapons on campus, was introduced by the Idaho House of Representative’s State Affairs Committee on Tuesday, despite bi-partisan concerns, Boise State Public Radio reports.

Currently individual school boards can set their own firearms policy, but HB203 makes it state law that anyone with an enhanced concealed carry permit is allowed to bring weapons onto public school grounds and would also prevent administrators from asking permitted gun owners them if they’re armed.

AmmonRepublican Rep. Chad Christensen introduced the bill.

“I believe schools are soft targets. Gun-free zones are soft targets for a would-be shooter,” he said.

Idahoans are allowed to carry concealed weapons without a permit. But to get an enhanced concealed carry permit you have to take a day-long firearms course.

Honestly, this is a solid idea.

Idaho is a constitutional carry state, so you don’t need a permit at all for most places, but this would expand options for those who do have permits to carry in schools. It would also likely spur some teachers to get an enhanced permit.


Now, don’t get me wrong. I think you should be able to carry pretty much anywhere you want without government permission, but guess what? Those of us who think that way are the minority. We have to prove that it’s not the doom and gloom the anti-gunners are predicting before we can make the changes we need to make.

Bills like this, if they pass, will help. It’s hard to complain about the danger to students from a concealed carry holder when we can point to states that not only allow it but haven’t had a single incident.

After a while, it becomes a very clear case of fear-mongering rather than a legitimate complaint or concern founded in reason.

I mean, that’s all it is, but after there being evidence of it not being so, it becomes obvious to those who occupy the middle ground. Those are the people we need to convince on just about any issue, and if Idaho passes this, it will be yet another data point showing that concealed carry permit holders not only aren’t a threat but a deterrent.

Not that I ever expect some parties to acknowledge it, but still.

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