Florida Bill Seeks To Allow Guns In School Parking Lots

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Some people are never going to be comfortable with the idea of guns in schools. I think they need to get over it, but I’m not exactly the most sensitive of people.


However, we also know that guns can and have been used to stop mass shootings. Good people with guns will always be the best defense against bad guys with guns.

With that in mind, one would think that at least allowing guns in cars on school parking lots would be quite the compromise. However, anti-gunners in the media can’t help but evoke Parkland as a way of opposing such a bill in Florida. After all, why else title the article, “A year after Parkland massacre, some Florida lawmakers want to allow guns in cars parked in school lots,” in the first place?

Florida state legislators have started working to loosen regulations on firearms, sparking concerns from gun control advocates that Florida is heading in the wrong direction on school safety.

A state House committee voted Tuesday to allow employees, parents and visitors to have guns stowed in their cars while on school property. Another bill cleared the panel that would allow religious institutions to permit guns to be carried in private schools.

The measures are the first of several controversial proposals this legislative session that would expand gun rights for Floridians. About a year ago, the Parkland school shooting prompted calls for tighter restrictions on firearms.

State Rep. Heather Fitzenhagen, R-Fort Myers, said parents shouldn’t face criminal charges if they pick up their child from school during an emergency with a gun in their “glove compartment for their personal safety.”

Fitzenhagen isn’t wrong. They shouldn’t.


More importantly, employees shouldn’t have to be completely disarmed just because they work for a school. If they’re not going to be allowed to carry a gun within the school itself, they should at least be allowed to secure it in the car while they’re working.

However, anti-gunners are convinced that we’re like so many of them. They think we all want to kill anyone who disagrees with us or annoys us, so they want guns far, far away.

They don’t get that if we intended to hurt people, we wouldn’t keep the gun in the car. The rules wouldn’t apply to us. We’d do what we wanted and hurt anyone we felt like.

But we don’t. The reason we don’t is that we’re not violent people. We’re people who recognize that violence exists and we’d best be ready for it. We’re not looking for a fight, but by God, we’ll end one.

Requirements that guns be kept out of schools didn’t stop Parkland from happening. Rules that guns not be kept in cars won’t stop the next one. The sooner anti-gunners learn that simple, basic fact, the happier everyone will be.

The problem for them is that if anti-gunners understood that fact, they’d probably stop being anti-gun and stop funneling money to groups like Brady and Giffords, so those groups will still gin up outrage, as will their allies in the media.

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