Gun Control Activists Pressuring Minnesota Lawmakers

AP Photo/Yakima Herald-Republic, TJ Mullinax, File

The House in Minnesota’s legislature has already approved two new gun bills for 2019. However, gun control activists in the state are still less than happy.


They want to see more anti-gun action out of lawmakers. So now they’re trying to apply some pressure to get their way.

Gun control advocates filled the Minnesota State Capitol Rotunda on Wednesday trying to pressure the Republican-controlled Minnesota Senate to hold hearings on bills regarding background checks and “extreme risk” protection orders. The bills have already passed two House committees.

“Our government must do more to protect our children,” said Erin Zamoff of Moms Demand Action Minnesota at a rally with hundreds of supporters of the gun legislation. “We have had enough. It’s time to act.”

First Lady Gwen Walz also made her first major appearance at a political rally, warning Republicans that failure to act could be costly in the 2020 elections.

“There are seven senators sitting in seats where Tim Walz won and they are Republicans and we are coming,” Walz said to a loud ovation.

That may be, but for now? For now, the GOP holds the Senate.

I do so love how anti-gunners will come at Republicans and pretend that any gains they had were because of whatever position they hold right now. Walz may have won those districts in spite of his gun stance, not because of it, but they’ll never even think that’s possible.

Meanwhile, they think pro-gun lawmakers who were elected in part for their pro-gun views can hold their seats by ignoring their pro-gun constituents.

The mental leaps required for this should qualify these people for the Olympics.

The truth is that the Senate needs to hold strong and not bow to the pressure. If they’re worried, send it to a committee chaired by the safest Republican possible and let it die there. Then everyone else can pretend they were going to support it, but it never came to a vote. What were they to do?


Yes, it’s cowardly, but lawmakers tend to be a cowardly lot much of the time, at least when it comes to protecting their seat.

Not that I blame them. Bravery in a lawmaker almost always results in someone losing their job in the next election–precisely what Walz is threatening to happen if they show cowardice.

Oh, she thinks they’ll be being brave, but she’s issued a threat. People who bow to threats are rarely brave people.

If they capitulate to progressive demands, they’ll have to keep doing it. After all, every demand will come with the exact same threat. There won’t be any attempt to moderate their policies or to work with these Republicans so that they can save face with the folks back home or with their party. No, they’ll become progressives in deed, if not in word.

That’s a path few would willingly go down, nor should they.

Walz can issue all the threats she wants, but at the end of the day, the Minnesota Senate stands for Minnesota. Not Governor Walz or his wife.

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