Elizabeth Warren Claims Gun Laws Don't Reflect Our Values And Morals

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) wants to be president. She wants it so badly she can taste it, I’m sure, which makes it hilarious that she has the audacity to claim that American gun laws-a unique feature of the United States in this day and age–don’t reflect our morals and values.


Of course, she’s referring to our right to keep and bear arms, rather than the laws that infringe on that freedom. Shocking, I know.

Monday night was Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) chance to answer questions during a CNN town hall. Naturally, one of the questions an audience member asked was about firearms and how to curb gun violence. Warren’s response was nothing shy of the normal anti-gunner sentiment.

“So, here’s how I look at this. Laws should reflect our values. Laws are about our morals,” Warren replied. “And, right now, across this country, we lose, on average, seven and teenagers every single day to gun violence. Just pause for a minute and think. If we were losing seven children every single day to some mysterious virus, man, we’d be pulling out all the stops to say, ‘What can we do to change that? Where’s the medicine we need to develop? How can we respond? Where do we need to do?’”

Warren went on to suggest that absolutely nothing is being done to curb gun violence.

“But, instead, with gun violence, right now, we don’t do anything, not even the most sensible kinds of things. Background checks at the federal level. No fly, no buy. Like, if you’re on the terrorist watch list, maybe you shouldn’t be able to buy a gun,” Warren explained.


Beth Baumann of Townhall dismantles Warren’s argument that nothing’s being done to combat gun violence. She does it quite well, and I encourage you to click on over and check it out.

As for me, I’m mostly sitting here laughing at a woman talking about values and morals when we know she lied about her heritage for years. A woman who claims she never used it for advancement, yet we see numerous documents indicating that she did. She took a DNA test to prove she was Native American, turned out to be 1/1024th, and then played like she’d been vindicated.

And she’s going to lecture us on morals and values?

What’s next? Is Hillary Clinton going to teach us about cybersecurity?

Are we going to resurrect Ted Kennedy for a driving lesson?

Seriously, where does this end?

The fact of the matter is that one of our highest values is the ability to defend ourselves and others. We hold those who put themselves in danger to protect others as heroes, as one of the highest moral goods an individual can do. Sen. Warren would argue that having the means to protect others–namely, a gun–somehow makes you immoral?

That’s what it means to be American, to have the choice to act as you see fit in such circumstances.


But Sen. Warren and her ilk are trying to take that away from us. Anti-gunners are trying to take it away and then pretend they’re the moral ones? They’re the one representing American values?

She fails to point to a single killing that could have been stopped by No Fly, No Buy. Just one.

She ignores that anyone can be put on that list and for any reason. There’s no due process involved, making such a law highly immoral. She outright lies about background checks at the federal level–after all, licensed dealers are required to conduct background checks by federal law.

And yet, she’s going to lecture me about values?


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