Brady Targets Nevada Sheriffs Over Pro-Gun Stand

AP Photo/Julie Jacobson

One thing that seems to be universal is anti-gun activists can’t seem to fathom how anyone could be pro-gun rights. They’re convinced that every pro-gun voice out there is a shill at the beck and call of groups like the National Rifle Association. Evidence of this can be seen in the effort by Giffords to sue the Trump administration over non-existent records not being turned over.

Now, anti-gun groups are at it again. This time it’s the Brady Bunch targetting pro-Second Amendment sheriffs in Nevada.

A national gun control lobbying organization on Tuesday made Nevada the latest Western state where it is trying to show that gun rights groups including the National Rifle Association are behind a “Second Amendment sanctuary” drive.

The Brady advocacy group said it believes gun rights advocates improperly orchestrated resolutions by rural lawmakers and sheriffs who say they won’t enforce a new state law requiring background checks on all gun sales, including purchases at gun shows and on the internet.

“These Nevada county commissions and sheriffs have gone rogue,” Brady President Kris Brown said in a statement saying the officials are endangering public safety by declaring they won’t enforce strict background checks.

“If your job is to keep your constituents safe and defend public safety, you should have a vested interest in keeping guns out of dangerous hands,” she said.

Brady spokesman Max Samis acknowledged that communications and lobbying happens on both sides of the gun issue.

“This is different,” he said. “This is telling law enforcement officers not to enforce the law.”

And how is anyone able to “tell” law enforcement what to do? I mean, Brady has no legal authority over these sheriffs. It’s not elected to a higher office where the sheriffs are forced to answer to it. So how does it get to tell sheriffs to do anything?

The answer to that, of course, is that it doesn’t.

At best, the sheriffs received a suggestion that this is an alternative they might want to consider. That’s it.

Honestly, I doubt even that level of communication took place. It didn’t need to. The idea has been out there for some time now. It’s a direct response to sanctuary cities that have willfully ignored federal immigration law. Now, a handful of counties have decided they can do it too, only their refusing to enforce unconstitutional gun laws.

The truth is, Brady probably already knows that. It has no reason to suspect these sheriffs have even chatted with any NRA representatives outside of a few potential social interactions. It doesn’t need any reason because these lawsuits aren’t exploratory — Brady is malicious.

Samis probably knows no one told the sheriffs and other county officials what to do. His organization doesn’t care. He wants to make it expensive to stand with the Second Amendment.

Unfortunately, while pro-gun attorneys file lawsuits regularly as well, theirs are founded on constitutional ideals they’re trying to uphold. Brady’s appear to be tinfoil hat nonsense.