Rhode Island Town Votes To Become Gun Sanctuary City

AP Photo/Julie Jacobson, File

As various states embrace more and more gun control, individual cities are starting to make a stand for gun rights. We’ve seen it happen in Washington state, New Mexico, and Nevada among others.


Based on the progressive idea of sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants, these sanctuary communities eschew state law regarding gun control.

Now, a Rhode Island town is joining their number.

The Burrillville Town Council voted unanimously to approve a resolution that declares Burrillville a “2nd Amendment sanctuary town.”

Councilman Donald Fox introduced the resolution Wednesday and says he did so in order to push back against what he calls “an attack on 2nd Amendment rights.”

Fox believes the “progressive agenda” could hurt the residents of his town. He said he has often gone to the State House to advocate against gun control legislation and says he was fed up.

“I thought it was about time to take a proactive step,” Fox said in a phone interview. “If they are going to pass unconstitutional laws which violate our 2nd Amendment rights, we are not going to fund that.”

However, not everyone living in Burrillville agrees with the move.

It seems at least one progressive resident is less than pleased.

Resident Betsy Alper says she considers herself a progressive and attended the town council meeting.

“It felt divisive. It felt that in order to live in this town, this is something that you have to agree with,” she said.

It’s funny how she feels like that about an ordinance that cuts off laws at the town limits but doesn’t see an issue with imposing her will on people throughout the entire freaking state or nation.

Frankly, the reason it felt divisive is that gun rights supporters are sick and damn tired of rolling over and going along to get along. We did it for years, and all that happened was our gun rights eroded into a shadow of what they once were.


So now, people are standing up and fighting back. We’re sick of it.

Ms. Alper and people like her expect us to play nice and find consensus, but where is that consensus building when the rural communities of this nation are ignored because some big-city elites think guns are bad so no one should have them? They don’t give a damn about the reality outside of the cities.

And yeah, they act like to live in that state you have to agree with them. They pretend they’re the voice of the people, but they’re not. They’re the voice of some people, people who have been indoctrinated by the politicians and the media to believe that gun control will make their lives all better.

It won’t.

I applaud the town of Burrillville and hope it holds firm. For people like Betsy Alper, people who think that anyone disagreeing with them is divisive, I have a solemn bit of advice for you. Consider moving. Just outside of town, if nothing else, then the icky pro-gun sentiment won’t get on you or anything.

Burrillville will be better for it.

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