New Jersey To Consider Several Pieces Of Gun Gun-Grabbing Legislation

AP Photo/Alan Diaz, File

The state of New Jersey never met a gun control policy it didn’t seem to like. The state passes them with increasing regularity it seems, and each one is more insane than the last. New Jersey continues on and on, yet doesn’t seem to get any safer. Imagine that.

Now, the NRA-ILA has highlighted a number of proposals being considered in the Garden State. Here are some of them:

The following bills are included on Thursday’s agenda:

A.1016 by Assemblyman Gordon Johnson requires gun shops to sell smart guns.  They are simply trying to force market acceptance of a technologically unviable product.  New Jersey’s current statute requires that once smart guns are certified, then only smart guns can be sold.  This would ban the future sale of traditional handguns.  This is nothing more than a gun ban disguised as a “firearm safety” issue. ​

A.5452 by Assemblywoman Verlina Reynolds-Jackson would require Firearms Identification Cards to be renewed every four years and would require training to obtain an FID card.  The bill also makes it tougher to will firearms as part of an estate.

A.5455 by Assemblyman Louis Greenwald regulates the sale of handgun ammunition and develops a system for electronic reporting of firearm information.

Also included are some measures that seek to replicate existing law such as another safe storage law and a ban on the sale or transfer of a firearm or ammunition to a prohibited person.

Looking at these proposals, I can’t help but think that at some point, even anti-gunners are going to have to admit that they aren’t remotely “common sense” regulations or “reasonable” regulations. They’re not. This is insanity masquerading as legislation.

The people of New Jersey are forced to contend with some of the most draconian regulations in the country. They can be imprisoned if they have hollowpoint ammunition for their weapons, but they can also be imprisoned if they follow that law and use ball ammo and hurt someone due to overpenetration. They can be imprisoned for having their firearms within easy reach rather than locked away where it will do them no good in an emergency. They have to beg for a carry permit like a child, complete with an explanation of why they need that permit. If their reason isn’t good enough, they don’t get to exercise their constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms.

If this wasn’t enough, they’re still looking to lump more anti-gun regulations on the people of their state?

I’m sorry, but we’ve passed any semblance of “reasonable” long, long ago. Now we’re watching the scramble of anti-gun lawmakers desperate to maintain relevancy in their state’s anti-gun culture. There’s little more they can do short of outright banning guns, something the Supreme Court has made very clear the state can’t do, so the legislators are passing regulations to justify their existence.

And the people of New Jersey keep allowing this to happen. No, not all, but enough that I can’t help but feel pity for those good people who only want to live their lives in peace and have the means to fight back against those who would seek to disrupt that peace. They deserve better than this.