California Town Wants To Become Pro-Gun Sanctuary

California Town Wants To Become Pro-Gun Sanctuary

AP Photo/Charles Krupa, File

If you want to talk about an anti-gun state, the first place that will pop up every time is California. It’s the most anti-gun state in the country; a title lawmakers wear with perverse pride. More than that, it’s continually pushing for more and more gun control despite the failure of all the measures it already has on the books.

Additionally, Californian ideas often spread like a virus to other places.

But one good idea has been imported to the state.

California has some of the strongest gun-control laws in the nation. One little city in the Golden State has decided to swim against the current.

Needles is a former railroad town located just across the Colorado River from Arizona and about 40 minutes from Laughlin, Nevada.

The leaders of this town of less than 5,000 souls want to provide sanctuary — not for undocumented immigrants, but for supporters of gun rights.

The City Council put forth a resolution declaring Needles a “Second Amendment sanctuary city.” Even if the legal footing of such a declaration will be questioned, the intentions of the city’s leaders are clear.

“The City Council wanted our community to know that we support their Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms,” Mayor Jeff Williams said in a statement put out a few days after the June 11 resolution.

Alright, so maybe California isn’t all bad.

I have serious doubts that the town will be permitted to be a pro-gun sanctuary in an anti-gun sea, mind you. If there’s anything I know about lawmakers, it’s their hypocrisy. Ignoring laws is fine when it’s for something they support, but when it’s not, suddenly they’re all about law and order.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter. Just seeing a small community make a stand like this warms my soul.

Not only that, but I suspect it’ll inspire some to check out the small community if for no other reason than to not be surrounded by anti-gunners as you will in other parts of the state. It may also inspire some other communities to make similar declarations.

While there’s little chance these cities will be able to provide that kind of a sanctuary, this defiance sends a message. It’s a reminder that not everyone in the state is braindead when it comes to guns. A reminder that not only are some Californians pro-gun, but those pro-gun folks exist in sufficient numbers to have pro-gun communities.

For folks in California, that’s big. Anytime you get a reminder that you’re not alone, that you not only have people who agree with you but neighbors (in a broad sense of the term) who agree with you, it’s a huge morale boost. The city of Needles is providing such a boost to hundreds of thousands of Californians right now.

They’re also giving a giggle to a Georgia boy with friends stuck in that state. Here’s hoping they can accomplish a whole lot more with this than some speculate they will.