OR GOP Starts Recall Effort Against Gov. Kate Brown

AP Photo/Don Ryan, File

Oregon Republicans and Democratic Governor Kate Brown have been at odds for a while now. I have been very critical of Brown’s efforts to cram gun control down the throat of lawmakers representing rural voters, people who need guns to thwart animal attacks, even if the animals are of the two-legged variety.


Brown’s efforts have been the epitome of tyrannical overreach by a state governor, and anyone watching through an unbiased lens can see that plain as day.

Now, state Republicans are firing back at Brown.

The Oregon Republican Party launched Monday a recall campaign against Democratic Gov. Kate Brown after a contentious legislative session that saw her sic state troopers on runaway GOP legislators fighting her climate-change agenda.

The recall paperwork, filed Monday by Oregon GOP chair Bill Currier, accused her of ignoring or overturning the will of the voters on driver’s licenses for illegal aliens and tax increases, as well as denying citizens protection from “the domestic terrorist threat known as Antifa.”

“Governor Brown has subjected the people of Oregon to a long line of abuses of power while at the same time refusing to address their legitimate concerns,” said the recall statement. “She has fostered a toxic political environment that stifles meaningful discourse. She has threatened retaliation against her own citizens when her political agenda is not successful in the legislature.”

Ms. Brown’s office did not respond immediately Monday to a request for comment.

Mr. Currier said the party must collect about 280,000 valid signatures to force a special election on the recall, which would likely be held in November or December.

Any gubernatorial recall must be viewed as a longshot — only two governors have ever been recalled — but Mr. Currier said Ms. Brown’s ambitious progressive agenda has angered multiple groups, including small business owners, loggers, trucker, gun owners, and foes of mandatory vaccines.

“We have a critical mass of voting blocs right now,” said Mr. Currier.


That may be. However, I’m still not sure this is a good idea.

While Republicans may feel they have a “critical mass,” this is Oregon we’re talking about here. The larger urban centers are still going to side with Brown or someone who will be equally bad on a number of issues, including guns. They’re not about to vote Republican, even if they’re furious with Brown.

I can’t help but wonder if these resources would be better spent trying to inform the electorate of how horrible Brown’s policies are, and not just the unpopular ones. Hit everything and maybe try and shift at least some of the urban voters toward a more conservative point of view. While the cities won’t ever go red, they don’t really have to. They just need to go enough toward purple that Democrats running have to consider that and pull back on some of the rhetoric. Maybe they’ll stop trying to push insane gun control laws, for example.

Frankly, I wish them luck on the recall effort, but I’d be very surprised if Brown is removed from office.

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