The Racially-Motivated Attack The National Mainstream Media Is Ignoring

The Racially-Motivated Attack The National Mainstream Media Is Ignoring

The mass shooting in an El Paso Walmart is still quite fresh on everyone’s minds right now. As we speak, everyone is talking about racism and the need to put all of that aside. Of course, some are doing so by calling for the eradication of their ideological opponents, but still…

Most folks aren’t that unhinged. They’re at least sane enough to recognize that even if they think such a thing is a good idea, they’re better off not saying it out loud.

However, for the media, they can express it differently such as by choosing which stories get national attention and which don’t. For example, when they fail to call attention to a man standing on a street corner, shooting at black people and screaming about how he doesn’t like them and wants them out of the neighborhood, it’s clear they’re condoning that behavior. They’re supporting white nationalism by failing to report it and call attention to this blatantly racist act, right?

The thing is, that sort of happened. It wasn’t a white guy shooting and black people, though. It was the other way around.

An 18-year-old Ohio man is in custody after he was caught on video shooting at cars and shouting racially charged remarks at people.

What are the details?

Devonta Allen was identified in a July 25 incident, which was caught on camera.

Allen reportedly shot at passing cars while yelling, “I don’t like white people in my hood!” WKRC-TV reported that Allen fired several shots at passersby. None of those people involved in the incident were hurt as a result of Allen’s purported actions.

Authorities charged Allen with four counts of felonious assault, according to WKRC, but only after Allen turned himself in four days after the incident. WXIX-TV reported that three of Allen’s alleged victims are white, and one is black.

Allen insisted that he only returned fire after victims shot at him to begin with.

WXIX reported that the victims’ statements did not match up with Allen’s recollection with the incident.

“This and other statements made by Allen are inconsistent with the videotape evidence and statements from the victims and witnesses,” police said.

In other words, it looks like Allen was taking shots at white people who drove through his neighborhood simply because they were white.

There’s no excuse for this kind of thing.

However, for me, the lack of national media attention is troubling. Had the roles been reversed and this been a white shooter taking aim at minorities, we’d have had around the clock coverage of the incident. We’d also have think pieces outlining how President Trump is responsible for this and how our society is to blame and everything else.

Instead, we get crickets.

Why? Because the mainstream media doesn’t care if it’s racially motivated. They care if they can advance a narrative. Oddly, they didn’t even go for the gun control angle. However, to do so, they’d have to acknowledge a racially-motived attack where white folks were the victims.

This is why I don’t trust the media. This is why you can’t trust them on guns or any other issue. It’s because they will ignore inconvenient stories and focus on the ones that they can use to try and take away your rights.