Despite NYC Gun Laws, Cops Find Dozens Of Guns In Brooklyn Raid

(Photo courtesy of the NYPD)

Gun control really works, they tell me. Somehow, gun control stops people from getting guns, even though the people you need to worry about continue to get guns. They claim that drug dealers can’t get guns if guns are banned, yet drugs have been banned for over a century and they keep getting those just fine.

But gun control works, they say.

Well, there’s virtually nowhere in this country with more strict gun control laws than New York City. If gun control laws work so well, explain this one.

A raid of a Brooklyn apartment netted cops nearly three dozen firearms — 18 of them assault rifles — and armor-piercing bullets, police said Monday.

Officers uncovered the cache after getting information that a suspect wanted for a crime was stockpiling the weapons in his Linden Blvd. home near Bedford Ave. in Flatbush.

I’m not going to lie, that’s a pretty enviable collection. A Tavor, a couple of AR rifles and pistols, a Steyr AUG, an AK, a PS-90, an M-1A, and a couple of SCARs. Not too shabby.

And all pretty damn difficult to get in New York City.

Yet here was this guy, a wanted criminal apparently, and he was able to accumulate all of these weapons? If gun control works so well, then just how in the hell was he able to get all of these?

Oh, invariably, someone will come up and argue that these were all transported in from outside of the city. That’s the common claim in a situation like this, after all.

However, some of those aren’t exactly common firearms. AUGs aren’t exactly popping up in every corner gun store, after all. PS-90s aren’t exactly an everyday gun either. These are kind of unusual weapons, so for them to be purchased outside of the city legally–there’s no mention that any of the weapons were stolen–and then transported for sale in the city doesn’t seem plausible. Especially since it’s a $2,000 or so weapon legally. One could only assume it would go for more on the black market, right?

The truth is, if someone wants guns bad enough, they’ll get them. Criminals clearly don’t mind paying a lot for them, either. Do you really think someone who will drop $2,000 or more for a single rifle can’t find a way to get their hands on a gun? That’s tens of thousands of dollars worth of firearms in that photograph. You’re deluded if you think anyone who can do that won’t continue to get guns regardless.

For the determined criminal, particularly those who have resources, nothing is out of reach. Nothing at all. It’s all a matter of how much are you willing to spend.

Still other criminals buy stolen guns at a fraction of their market value, which means even those without resources are able to get guns.

The truth is, gun control doesn’t work and it’s time for anti-gunners to recognize that fact. There are better ways to stop crime than to take guns from the law-abiding citizens.

Sep 21, 2021 10:30 AM ET