Democrats Continue Their Push For 'Smart Guns'

In the 2020 presidential campaign, smart guns are becoming something of a talking point. Now, bear in mind that the technology isn’t really viable at the moment. Also remember that there’s no real market demand for such a gun and much of what demand there is comes from people who aren’t likely to purchase a firearm if such a weapon were available. None of that matters, though, because anti-gun politicians want to push for them anyway.

Talk about smart guns has become something of a talking point.

The latest move in this direction is legislation introduced by U.S. Sen. Christopher Murphy (D-CT) designed to “amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide an enhanced research credit for the development of smart gun technologies.”

Politicians like Biden and Murphy have noticed that American gun owners have shown no interest in buying products that put the uncertainty of a battery and some kind of new technology between them and their perfectly functioning firearms, so they want to force us to buy and use them.

The politicians backing this type of legislation surmise that if this technology is developed, “smart guns” can then be made mandatory. A mandate of this technology then becomes a de-facto ban on all firearms now owned by and sold to the public.

Pretty much.

They’re also being smarter about it than the state of New Jersey was. They passed a law that said once the technology was viable, that was all that could be sold in the state. It served as a disincentive to actually developing smart gun technology. It was so bad they actually changed the law earlier this year so gun stores would be required to offer at least one example of the technology while still being able to sell other firearms.

However, the writing on the wall was clear. Once the tech worked well enough, they’d change the law again and do away with all other forms of firearms.

The problem is, smart guns are always going to be problematic. Think about how frustrating it is when your computer acts up, or your smartphone. It’s a major pain.

The thing is, those glitches are rarely life-threatening. They’re just inconveniences.

Place those glitches into a firearm and what you get is a recipe for dead bodies. People wouldn’t be able to trust their guns with their lives.

While modern firearms still occasionally jam or otherwise malfunction, we have decades of experience in learning how to deal with those failures. We have procedures and training on how to deal with them quickly and get the weapon back into the fight.

Smart gun glitches aren’t like that. They’re more akin to computer or phone glitches and frankly, when your life is on the line, it’s not a good time to turn your gun off and back on again.

Expect more push from anti-gunners on the smart gun front. In their mind, it will keep with the letter of the Second Amendment to push these out while potentially addressing the very real issue of stolen firearms.

Of course, the fact that phones and computers get hacked all the time, I fail to see how smart guns wouldn’t be hacked in short order as well. Then again, it’s Joe Biden who brought this up. Considering the gaffe’s he’s made over the last couple of weeks, we shouldn’t be shocked to know he doesn’t understand the concept of hacking all that well.