Knife-Wielding School Attacker Kills Eight In China

Time and time again, we’re told that mass killings don’t happen in other places. The people telling us that are generally looking to push a gun control agenda and they claim that the reason we only see them here are because of our lax gun laws. If only we embraced gun control, all such violence would come to an abrupt halt.

Only, it’s not just us.

Christchurch, NZ should have put an end to that kind of nonsense. Then again, there have been numerous mass shootings in other countries that gun control supporters tend to forget about pretty quickly.

Yet even if you do manage to put guns out of the reach of others, that doesn’t mean attacks won’t happen. If it did, eight families in China wouldn’t be mourning right now.

An unhinged man carried out a knife attack at a Chinese elementary school on Tuesday, killing at least eight kids on their first day of class, authorities said.

The 40-year-old man, whose last name is Yu, launched the attack in the school at about 8 a.m. in Hubei province, police said in a statement.

In addition to the eight kids slain in the attack, two children were injured, according to police.

In 2018, a similar attack led to the deaths of nine schoolchildren.

Keep in mind that this is someplace where civilian ownership of firearms is practically non-existent. No one can get a gun, yet the deranged still manage to find a way to kill innocent people in job lots. Why is that?

It’s just a hunch here, but maybe it’s not the guns that are the problem, but people.

For some reason, people are going nuts and slaughtering people for some insane reason, something we can’t even grasp. Why is that? That’s the question the “Do Something” crowd needs to answer before they look at guns for a scapegoat. If you take away the firearms, you can still get things like this. They’ll use a knife. Or, perhaps, a van.

The violent and deranged can always find a weapon. You’re not going to cut them off from that, so trying to do so at the expense of law-abiding citizens–you know, as is the case in gun control–is a waste of time and effort. You’d be far better off trying to delve into finding causes and treatments for those conditions that lead to this kind of thing.

Otherwise, you get situations like this.

There was no one around that school who could do a damn thing to prevent those innocent children from being murdered. No one had the tools to take on an armed attacker like that. No one could do anything.

Maybe it’s just me, but the idea of being powerless to stop an attack is more terrifying than actually facing an attack in and of itself. That’s the unfortunate reality in China. It’s also the unfortunate reality that anti-gunners would prefer to keep for our own school children, all while also complaining about them potentially being killed in some kind of a mass attack.