Police Chief Pushes Gun Control After Officer Shot. One Problem, Though

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo isn’t a fan of armed citizens. He’s made that perfectly clear in recent months.

So it’s unsurprising that Acevedo used the wounding of one of his officers to lash out at pro-gun lawmakers.


In earlier remarks he made in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, Acevedo angrily denounced politicians who may look to offer their sympathy to his wounded officer, while doing little legislatively to keep firearms from dangerous criminals.

“We were in Washington Monday talking about gun violence in our city, in our community, in our country, and I don’t want to hear from politicians tomorrow about how much they care about my cop,” said Acevedo, who has previously criticized lawmakers for not introducing broad gun-control measures. “If they’re not here to talk to us about solutions, then don’t bother showing up to the Houston Police Department.”

There’s just one problem.

You see, the deputy wasn’t shot because of a lack of gun control.

A Houston police officer was hospitalized in stable condition after he was shot with his own gun in a struggle with a suspect who along with three others stole two vehicles and attempted to kill a priest in a crime spree that played out as Democratic presidential candidates debated just miles away, the city’s police chief said Friday.


The round struck the officer just under his body armor. Markings on the vest suggested he may have been shot twice, with only one round entering his body.

Yet the weapon was the officer’s own firearm.

Now, I’m not going to criticize the officer in question. I’m glad he seems to be recovering and I hope he has no lasting complications due to what happened. I don’t know how things progressed to the point where the suspect had a hand on the officer’s weapon and I’m not going to speculate on it. Besides, I’m far from an expert on weapons retention or anything of the sort. I’ll leave that to others to discuss for the time being.

What I do know, however, is that there is no amount of gun control you can pass that would have prevented this from happening, particularly if you’re not going to disarm officers.

The suspect wasn’t armed. He apparently tried to take the officers weapon, though, which is a problem. After all, he didn’t undergo a criminal background check prior to trying to steal the officer’s gun. He failed to fill out a Form 4473 as well.


I mean, what’s the world coming to when criminals try to steal things?

Sound ridiculous? Of course it does, but this is actually how most criminals get their guns. They steal them from people. Usually not police officers who have them on their person while on duty, but they do steal them. Or they buy them from someone else who stole them.

Either way, that’s how they get their guns.

Acevedo doesn’t care about that, though. He’s just a political hack with a badge who used the attempted murder of one of his officers to pontificate on gun control yet again, even though there’s literally no law on Earth that would have protected the officer in question.

The problem is, I don’t think Acevedo has the mental capacity to comprehend that.

Hat tip: Breitbart


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