Venezuelans Wish They Had Their Own Second Amendment

Venezuelans Wish They Had Their Own Second Amendment

The right to keep and bear arms isn’t an American right, but a right that exists within every man and woman throughout the world. The problem, unfortunately, is that pretty much every nation on the planet completely disregards this right as existing. As such, they routinely restrict gun ownership.


How else are people supposed to throw off the yolk of tyranny?

In our own nation, there are those who work against the Second Amendment. They laugh at the idea we would need to do any such thing or, if we did, that the tools we currently have would be effective.

The thing is, those who are living under tyranny would beg to disagree.

Now, voices from within the socialist hellhole known as Venezuela are wishing they had a Second Amendment of their own. (Apologies for the horrid translation. This is as I found it.)

Venezuela’s conservative motion Rumbo Libertad honest no longer too prolonged ago issued a proposal for the institutionalization of interior most gun-ownership in Venezuela.

Our motion is urging Venezuela to legalize weapons for legislation-abiding voters and offer a place of both interior most and public gunnery and tutorial programs linked to gun rights.

Socialist dictator Hugo Chávez banned all interior most gun ownership, giving the issue a beefy monopoly on firearms in his rewrite of the constitution. Nicolás Maduro, his successor, strengthened the ban by adding an up to 20-300 and sixty five days penal complex sentence to the legislation for anyone caught privately proudly owning a firearm.

Sadly, we possess found no improve for this pivotal civil and political correct from the Venezuelan socialist opposition. In April, President Juan Guaidó ratified Chávez’s gun protect an eye fixed on policy, also identified as Ley Desarme, implying with his argument that criminals and legislation-abiding voters are equal.


Now, that’s some rough reading. I get it. Apparently, they ran it through a bad translation program a time or two, but the gist is clear. Hugo Chavez banned gun ownership in the country, now they have no way to deal with their tyrannical socialist government.

Remember, you can vote yourself into socialism, but you have to shoot your way out of it.

If they had guns, they’d have a recourse to deal with the corrupt Maduro government. They’d have a way to combat the death squads running rampant all over the country. They’d have a way to fight back.

They don’t.

At some point in their history, Venezuelans decided to back people who would erode that basic, core right so that by the time Chavez came to power, his efforts weren’t resisted in any meaningful way. Citizens complied and did as they were told, only to now be forced to deal with the repercussions of that action.

They want freedom. They want to live as men and women, not animals. If they had guns, they could make that happen.

As it stands, they’re nothing more than serfs who exist at the pleasure of the government, a government who is directly responsible for their lot in life and has a vested interest in keeping it just like that too.

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