Rap Group Busted For Toting Stolen Guns During Video Shoot

Rap music has incorporated firearms in its image for decades now. While groups like Run DMC and The Sugarhill Gang didn’t display that particular image, later groups embraced the image of gangbangers with a vengeance…sometimes quite literally. Since then, guns are just as likely to show up in rap videos as scantily clad women.

Smart rappers with the cash will hire a professional armorer to provide the weapons for the shoot. That way there’s some cover in case something untoward happens.

Not every rapper or group can afford that or even thinks about it. Instead, they use their own guns if they have to. In theory, there’s nothing wrong with that…except when some of those guns are stolen.

Cops in Baton Rouge arrested eight people who they say were waving stolen guns and assault rifles around in public while filming a music video.

It’s reported that police seized 15 guns from the suspects, three of which turned out to be stolen.  One caller reported seeing the group toting the weapons around in the middle of a Baton Rouge street Monday evening.  The group had been filming a rap video.

Two of the suspects were booked into juvenile detention while four others were booked into big-boy jail and two others were issued summonses to appear in court.

Probably not what they had planned for the day.

Honestly, this is just funny to me. I love it when crooks do stupid things, and it’s highly likely that these individuals were involved in some kind of criminal activity. After all, they’re carrying around stolen guns. They either stole them or they bought them off the black market, and I’d be shocked as hell if they didn’t know on some level they were stolen.

Further, they decided to film a rap video in public, completely with guns, without finding out what they needed to do to not get hassled by the cops. That’s just idiotic. If a police officer sees someone brandishing a gun, they’re going to investigate. It may only be for a music video, but without permits or anything, they’re going to investigate in more detail. After all, your conduct that they’ve seen doesn’t suggest you’re known for making good life choices.

So, this lands six in jail and two others with a summons to appear in court. Nicely done, folks. Nicely done.

While we can debate all kinds of things surrounding this event–and I’m sure there are some who will try to make this racial while others will consider this a horrible assault on the Second Amendment–the truth of the matter is that there are rules in place and the police have a duty to enforce those rules. Brandishing guns, for example, has a tendency to draw attention because it often precedes shooting of the aforementioned guns at other parties. It’s unsurprising it did this time.

If you’re stupid enough to do that, you need to at least be smart enough not to be doing so with a stolen firearm. You should probably also not have the underage members of your group carrying around live weapons, either.

The real question is whether this bunch will recognize their mistakes. Anyone taking bets?