Texas Man Kills Robber With Bad Guy's Own Gun

In a perfect world, you would have all the required training, all the required tools, and the required mindset to deal with anything you’re faced with in the most efficient way possible. That would be especially true when it would come to self-defense situations.


Of course, if we’re going to talk about perfect worlds, let’s have a perfect world where you wouldn’t have to worry about a threat to your life or property while we’re at it.

We don’t live in perfect worlds, however. We live in this one.

Here, you may well not have everything you need at the moment of truth. However, I’m convinced that if you can only have one of those three things I mentioned when faced with a threat to your life, the right mindset–the will to fight–is the most important. Stories like this do nothing to change my mind.

robbery suspect was shot with his own gun in Texas on Tuesday when the homeowner he was allegedly trying to mug took it from him, police said.

The male suspect entered a residential garage in the Westbury neighborhood of Houston just before 3 p.m. and told the homeowner he intended to rob him, according to local authorities.

It was not immediately clear how the incident unfolded, but investigators said the homeowner managed to steal the gun and shoot the robbery suspect, KTRK reported.

The homeowner isn’t facing any charges, which is good. While Texas is a Stand Your Ground state, some might argue that once the bad guy was disarmed, the threat was over.

I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that.

Regardless, we have a bad guy with a gun intent on robbing someone and that someone having the will to fight back…and winning. Remember, someone got a trip to the morgue and it wasn’t the guy who started the ruckus with a firearm.


That said, I don’t recommend just trusting that you can disarm a bad guy. For all of these stories we see, I suspect a lot of others are killed for doing the same thing. This isn’t a strategy you should just plan on following through if you find yourself in that situation.

However, if you do, then yeah. Fight.

Just remember that the first rule of a gunfight is to bring a gun. The second rule is to try and bring all your buddies with guns as well. Rule Two might not be viable in every instance, but you can bring your own gun to the fight in a case like this, so I highly recommend you do so. The result will hopefully be the same, after all, but you’ll put your own life in much less risk.

Frankly, I’m surprised the homeowner didn’t have a gun. I mean, I thought they issued you a firearm when you became a Texan. That’s what some like to pretend, anyway, right?

Seriously, I’m glad the homeowner came out of this confrontation physically unscathed. I’m sure he’s not completely untouched by what happened, but at least he’s alive and physically unharmed so he can deal with any ramifications in due course.

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