Arrests On Stolen Guns Illustrate Why Gun Control Doesn't Work

No one is crazy about the idea of bad guys having guns. If most of us on the pro-gun side had our druthers, criminals would be relegated to just having rocks or bare hands while the rest of us could move about freely with fully-automatic weapons on our person at all times. Unfortunately, that’s not realistic. Bad guys are going to get guns. No amount of gun control is really going to stop it.

If nothing else, they’ll steal them from law-abiding citizens.

Two teens are facing federal charges after breaking into or attempting to break into six gun shops across southern Michigan, including three in Mason, Charlotte and Fowlerville.

Brandon McClure, 18, and Daniel Rae, 19, broke into Not Just Guns in the 400 block of North Cedar Street in early September and stole one firearm, according to a criminal complaint filed in federal court.

They attempted to break into the same store three other times — Oct. 3, Nov. 5 and Nov. 20 — but were unsuccessful. Each attempt was caught on surveillance footage.

Both teens are charged with gun theft from a federally licensed business and conspiracy to commit gun theft.

Oh dear. I somehow suspect they didn’t fill out a Form 4473 and undergo a background check, now did they?

Of course, we all know they didn’t. Criminals never do. Meanwhile, law-abiding folks in Michigan have a plethora of regulations to follow when buying or selling a gun, something most do despite disagreeing with those laws.

Yet McClure and Rae are accused of completely ignoring those rules and acting to acquire guns for whatever nefarious purposes they had in mind. In particular, I figure they were stealing guns for sale on the black market, where most criminals get their firearms in the first place. They were stealing to supply their fellow criminals (allegedly).

At some point, anti-gunners need to come to terms with the fact that gun control doesn’t stop criminals. At most, it’s one more rule they have to break in order to carry out their illicit actions. They just don’t give a damn and they never will.

Instead, all those rules meant to keep guns out of the hands of criminals did nothing but make things more difficult for the average citizen. The bad guys keep getting them simply because breaking the rules is kind of what they do.

In fact, I suspect that in due time following arrests made in this other case, we’ll find that gun stolen as well.

One of the guns used in the South Park Mall shooting was also used during the recent shooting at The Rim shopping center, according to an affidavit.

Officials tested a spent shell casing from the South Park Mall incident and discovered the link.

Two men were arrested Sunday in connection with the shooting that injured four people. Lawrence Frambs, 21, and Daonte Johnson, 22, are facing four counts each of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and Frambs will also face charges for marijuana possession.

The pair were arrested in separate locations on the city’s Southeast Side, according to the San Antonio Police Department. Both men declared they were innocent in front of news media Sunday evening.

This is, of course, assuming these two men are guilty. If they’re not, then I’m fairly sure whoever is responsible are the ones with the stolen guns.

Look, we need to remember that criminals don’t follow the laws. While mass shooters may follow every gun control law to the letter–and most of the time, why wouldn’t they? They usually don’t have anything in their background that would stop them from getting a gun–criminals don’t. They break the law to get their guns because they intend to break the laws with their guns.

The sooner anti-gunners understand that, the better.