NC County Joins Ranks Of Second Amendment Sanctuaries

NC County Joins Ranks Of Second Amendment Sanctuaries

The Second Amendment sanctuary movement generally follows the election of anti-gun lawmakers or the passage of anti-gun legislation. However, there’s nothing that actually requires that. In fact, a lot of sanctuary counties reside in states where there’s little threat to their Second Amendment rights from their legislatures.


At the moment, anyway.

Still, it’s important to see communities making these kinds of stands whether they’re threatened or not, which is why a North Carolina county joining their ranks is so important.

Surry County is now a Second Amendment sanctuary. During a packed meeting on Monday, the Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the measure. The symbolic resolution protects the right to carry guns, but supporters said the vote was a win for gun rights.

“It makes me feel that America still understands the constitutional rights and cherish them here in Surry County,” said Mark Jones, chairman of Surry County Republican Party. “I think in many other places in America. I would expect many counties in North Carolina pass similar resolutions in the coming weeks and months.”

Surry County is located on the Virginian border and is probably best known as the home for Mayberry from the Andy Griffith Show (Mt. Airy, the basis for Mayberry itself is in the county). Their place on the border is actually an important point for the county making this stand.

You see, if nothing else, Surry County is telling their neighbors in Virginia that they stand with them against the oncoming tyranny Governor Ralph Northam seeks to impose on the people of the Old Dominion state.

While I’m not a Virginian, I have little doubt that the gesture is appreciated.

Plus, let’s also be honest here, it’s their own mark of defiance. It’s a warning to potential overlords in Raliegh that they’re not going to be able to just roll over the people of Surry County. While the risk isn’t as great of that in North Carolina as it is in Virginia, there’s still a non-zero chance of someone in the legislature to try and restrict people’s gun rights in the state.


To be honest, I want to see more and more counties passing these resolutions, even if there’s no threat. If nothing else, all those counties serve as a warning to legislators not just at the state level, but also the federal. It reminds them that the urban enclaves aren’t the United States in totality. It reminds them that nope, they don’t get to just railroad the rest of us because they want to.

Frankly, I’m proud of Surry County (not that they particularly care) and urge every other county out there to do the exact same thing, regardless of whether they are faced with imminent gun-grabbing by oathbreaking politicians or not. Make the stand before it’s needed, maintain the stand after it’s needed, and send a warning that the rest of us won’t be so easily cowed just because those who think themselves better than us say we should be.

Instead, we look them in the eye and say, “Molon Labe.”

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