Elizabeth Warren, Trayvon Martin, And The Facts

Yesterday was Trayvon Martin’s birthday. While Martin isn’t around to celebrate it, there were plenty of people who jumped all over it to “celebrate” for him with whatever political positions they felt appropriate.

One of which was presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who tweeted this:

Warren argued, “We need to end gun violence and racism. And we need to build a world where all of our children—especially young Black boys—can grow up safe and free.”

Well, that sounds great. All boys–black, white, brown, purple, whatever color you want to name–should go up safe and free.

But let’s not pretend a lack of gun laws resulted in Trayvon Martin’s death.

No, that’s the result of Martin’s own actions, actions that even a court of law found that to be the case.

Just in case you don’t remember; when Martin found he was being followed, he turned and brutally attacked George Zimmerman. While we can debate Zimmerman’s actions until we’re blue in the face–and I have–the truth of the matter is that he was still the victim. He was the one having his head bashed into a concrete sidewalk over and over again.

It’s the kind of thing that can kill a guy. Zimmerman knew that, so he drew his lawfully carried firearm and used it, thus likely saving his life.

While much has been made of Stand Your Ground laws in the aftermath of that shooting, Zimmerman didn’t use that as a defense. Why would he? Stand Your Ground means there’s no duty to retreat, even if retreat is possible. George Zimmerman had his attacker right on top of him, viciously assaulting him over and over. Retreat was never an option for him.

Look, I feel awful for Martin’s mother. To lose a child is awful.

But Warren, like so many of her fellow anti-gunners, have latched onto this case as evidence something has to be done about our gun laws. And, well, they’re right.

We need fewer of them.

We’re talking about Trayvon Martin’s death instead of George Zimmerman’s only because Zimmerman had a firearm he could lawfully carry for such occasions. That’s an option that’s simply not available to millions of Americans. States like California and New Jersey make it virtually impossible for people to get concealed carry permits.

They simply can’t defend themselves from thugs like Martin.

Of course, that also means a handful fewer things being turned into martyrs like Martin as well, but I’d rather have thugs become martyrs than have good, decent people killed because someone didn’t like the fact that another person was walking the same direction as them.

Elizabeth Warren, as a United States Senator, is in a position where she not only could have looked at the evidence but where she should have. She wants to take this same level of attention to detail and apply it to things like our gun laws and healthcare. She had every opportunity and access necessary to learn the truth about Trayvon Martin’s actions that day.

She could have learned that no, he wasn’t some sweet, innocent kid viciously attacked by a racist white man.

Instead, she should have learned that he thought he was big and bad, decided to start a fight and crossed into the territory of aggravated assault or attempted murder before being shot in a clear-cut case of self-defense.

Then again, if she knew the facts, she couldn’t pander for votes.