Dem Candidates Jump On Milwaukee To Push Gun Control

There’s not a single candidate for the Democratic nomination who doesn’t have some kind of gun control plan. In fact, it seems like the more insane the plan, the better their overall shot with the base seems to be. It really is something to behold.


Unsurprisingly, with a mass shooting taking place as the candidates are on the campaign trail, several have decided the bodies of those killed at the Molson Coors brewer in Milwaukee would sure make a handy soapbox to push their own personal gun-control agendas.

Democratic presidential candidates were peppered with questions this week at a televised CNN Town Hall in Charleston, South Carolina, on the day of a mass shooting at the Molson Coors brewery in Milwaukee.

The town hall comes days before the primary vote in South Carolina, as well as the Super Tuesday primary vote March 3 in Colorado.

“I want to see us do the things that are obvious,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., said at the event, identifying universal background checks and “getting assault rifles off the street.”

Warren said the shooting Wednesday in Milwaukee, in which a brewery employee killed five people before killing himself, happens all too often in public places like schools and movie theaters, such as the Aurora shooting.

“We need to treat gun violence like the public health emergency that it is,” Warren said.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., outlined specific policy goals to address gun violence at her town hall, including universal background checks and closing the “Charleston loophole” and the “boyfriend loophole.”

Of course, there’s no indication that the killer in Milwaukee obtained his firearms without a background check. In fact, most mass shooters seem to pass background checks. That means universal background checks would do jack squat to curtail these shootings.


And so-called assault weapons? Honestly?

The killer used handguns. The same is true for the vast majority of mass shooters.

In fact, while police have released the identity of the killer–we will not be sharing it, though, because we refuse to add to the notoriety these turdnuggets get–they haven’t released a whole pile of facts about him. However, from what we do know, there’s little reason to believe any of those “loopholes” contributed to him getting a firearm.

But then again, Warren and Klobuchar don’t actually care about any of that. They don’t actually care about what happened in Milwaukee.

Oh, they’ll say they do. They’ll say they care so hard and that all they want to do is pass laws to keep people safe, but that’s all a lie. If they were serious, they’d at least wait to see what the hell happened in the first place. We know still have a lot of unanswered questions.

Meanwhile, we’ve got Warren pushing something (assault weapon ban) that clearly has no bearing on the shooting in question and even a semi-sentient tree stump should be able to see that. The fact that Warren apparently can’t is particularly telling.

Yet this is what we’ve come to expect from the Democratic candidates. Expect others to try to capitalize on the shooting soon as well.

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