"Teen Mom" Star Should Be Celebrated For Carrying Gun

I’m not a big fan of reality television in general. Much of it is what we used to call “game shows” and the rest isn’t so much reality as it is someone manipulating your perspective of things that happened in order to lay out a narrative. You’d be amazed at what actually happened on some of those shows.

As a non-watcher of reality TV, I’m only somewhat familiar with the MTV show “Teen Mom.”

I get the basic premise of it, though. I mean, it’s not exactly difficult. These teens got pregnant and the show displays, more or less, what it’s like to be a teenager with a baby.

By and large, being in such a predicament isn’t exactly a springboard to lifetime success. It takes attention away from school, forcing many into the workforce before they’re really qualified for anything, and otherwise works against them. But it’s not an automatic sentence into poverty, either.

One thing I’ve noticed from some Teen Mom stars, though. They really do love their kids and desperately want to protect them.

Yet it seems the steps one former star has taken has led to a lot of blowback from less than understanding fans.

TEEN Mom 2 star Jade Cline was slammed by fans after she boasted about carrying a gun with her to protect her daughter.

The MTV reality star admitted that she carries because goes places alone with Kloie, so she feels safer with a gun.

Jade, 22, was asked why she was buying ammo on Twitter by a fan.

She wrote in a now deleted tweet: “Don’t question my gun rights?

“I own a gun and carry a gun 24/7.

On Reddit, Teen Mom fans expressed their mixed feelings about the salon owner having a gun.

One user wrote: “I guess…she acts like her and Kloie are hitting the nightlife hard.

“How dangerous is it to run errands?

“I understand having a gun if that makes you feel safe (even though I personally never would) but carrying it 24/7 seems… excessive.”

Of course, that’s indicative of the lack of understanding people have about the role of a firearm in protecting yourself.

See, first, I doubt she literally carries 24/7. I’m sure she doesn’t carry when she’s sleeping or anything but does any other time. There’s wisdom in that. After all, you don’t get to pick when a violent encounter is going to happen.

How dangerous is it to run errands? Well, this guy got life in prison for killing a customer during a bank robbery. These folks were killed at the grocery store. And we all know about the El Paso shooting where people were killed at a freaking Walmart.

I’d say taking precautions while running errands isn’t just acceptable, but smart.

The problem is, we have too damn many people in this country who believe they’re untouchable, that violence just doesn’t happen. That’s a result of the fact that crime is dropping and has been for quite a while. People now seem to believe they can’t be touched by crime, so they look down on those who know better.

Jade Cline carrying a gun to protect herself and her daughter isn’t something that should be mocked. It should be celebrated. She made a decision to take her personal safety and the safety of her child into her own hands.

Good for her.