Man Who Sneaked Into England Unaffected By Gun Control Laws


When someone is deported by a nation, it means they’re not welcome there anymore. It usually takes something egregious to warrant deportation, though. Most nations don’t deport people because they’re eyes are blue or because they support gun control, though we should rethink that last one. No, they usually do it because they believe the person tends to represent a threat to their nation in some way.


That doesn’t mean the deported individual stays deported, though.

More importantly, when that individual is a criminal, don’t be surprised if they come back with illegal firearms.

Palmers Green man who managed to sneak back into the UK after being deported to Albania five years ago has been caught with two loaded guns and £70,000 worth of cannabis.

Mauricio Myftaraj, 28, has been jailed for 15 years for firearm and drug offences on Friday (April 17).

He was found guilty at the end of a trial at Wood Green Crown Court of possessing Class B drugs with the intent to supply, two counts of being in possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life, possessing prohibited ammunition and possessing criminal property.

Myftaraj, an Albanian national who had been living in Myrtle Road, in the area of Enfield, was caught when detectives from the Metropolitan Police Service’s Specialist Gang Crime Command, Operation Trident, executed a search warrant at his home on July 24, 2019.

Officers found a loaded revolver, a self-loading pistol with laser-site and 40 rounds of ammunition along with gunpowder, ball-bearings, homemade projectiles and empty casings.

Wow. It’s almost like someone who would sneak into a nation illegally might also engage in some other illicit activities.

It’s important to remember that the United Kingdom is, for the most part, an island. England shares it with Scotland and Wales, all of which have strict gun control policies. That means guns need to flow in from elsewhere.


Since it’s an island, it should be far easier to protect its borders than it would be for, say, the United States to stem the flow of guns across our porous border. Yet it seems they can’t keep out folks who have been deported, much less people who would bring in firearms from other countries.

I mean, it’s almost like criminals will do whatever they have to in order to get firearms, regardless of what the laws actually are.

Which, of course, is precisely what happened. Myftaraj–I’m not sure if that’s his actual name or some letters found on an eye chart–is apparently a career criminal who doesn’t care about the laws in England. He wants to do what he wants to do and no law is going to stop him. The best they can do is punish him after the fact.

Meanwhile, we’ll still get lectured from British folks who are deluded enough to believe that violent crime has been solved in their country simply because they waved away all the guns. I hate to break it to them, there are still a surprising number of guns in the UK, as this clearly suggests.

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