No, Don Lemon, Who The Hell Do You Think YOU Are?

All around the nation, groups of people are protesting quarantine procedures. They’re fed up with being locked in their homes and being unable to work. They’re tired of being told they can’t live their life over a disease they don’t see as being nearly as much of a risk as some people claim.

Are they right? Hell, I don’t know. I haven’t been involved in healthcare to such a degree in nearly a quarter of a century, back when I was a Navy corpsman. I haven’t really stayed up to date on a lot of this stuff and it’s very difficult to tell what’s honest fact and what’s biased opinion. As such, I’m not offering any thoughts on whether the virus is that big of a deal or not.

But what is a big deal, though, is when one of CNN’s talking heads begins speaking out of his fifth point of contact about people with guns.

According to Lemon, protesters — who are concerned that officials are using the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity to seize power — are “slapping the faces” of health care and other essential workers because they want their lives to return to normal.

“You’re out there with guns, with weapons strapped to your chest, saying, oh, you want to get — you’re fighting against the people who are telling you to stay at home, trying to save your lives, you’re upset with those people? In the meantime, there are people keeping your cities going, keeping your loved ones alive and you want to get a haircut?” Lemon said.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” the CNN host continued. “What is wrong with people? I don’t understand.”

Lemon later acknowledged protest rights, but mocked those protesting with guns and suggested they are hypocrites.

“I don’t want to hear from those people who are out there protesting with guns, right, and that is threatening — a threatening look for people. You’re protesting with guns,” Lemon said. “Don’t — don’t criticize people who are taking a knee at a ball game, entertainment, saying, ‘I don’t want people protesting at a ball game,’ when people are who are peacefully protesting — don’t give me that when you’re out there protesting with guns and saying, ‘I want to get back to work, I want my liberty.’

Well, Don Lemon, just who the hell do you think you are?

You don’t get to tell people how they can protest when it has absolutely no impact on you. At least a case can be made that those who knelt during sporting events were thrusting their protest in the viewers’ faces. Those who paid for tickets had a damn right to get pissed off because they paid to see a game, not a protest.

But these protestors were armed, yes, but were in a public venue and complying with state gun laws. They weren’t forcing their protest on a damn soul.

Yet here you are, berating them, all because the sight of some guns makes you feel funny.

Where do you get off telling them they somehow don’t have the right to protest with a firearm, especially in a time when they’re concerned–legitimately or not–that elected officials are becoming downright tyrannical. Those guns are a stark reminder that we will not stand for oppression and have the means to fight back.

Again, they were complying with local gun laws. They weren’t carrying them in places where they were illegal.

No, Don, your problem is that you just don’t like guns. You don’t understand them and you don’t understand those of us who support the right to keep and bear arms. That’s fine because we damn sure don’t understand you or how you managed to keep your job after speculating on air that a black hole swallowed a missing jetliner. I guess that makes us even.