Arkansas Women Uses Gun To Defend Herself From Ex-Husband

Right now, a lot of people are buying guns. Anti-gunners argue that with violent crime down, you don’t actually need a gun. Of course, they ignore that violent crime went down after tons of new people bought gun, but what do you expect.


What they also fail to note, however, is that reduced violent crime doesn’t mean there’s no violent crime.

In Texarkana, Arkansas, a woman was able to use a firearm to defend herself and another from a violent attack the Brady Bunch tells you not to worry about.

Police responded about 8:30 p.m. Monday and found Courtland Luckey, 40, inside an apartment with multiple gunshot wounds.

Officers rendered first aid but Luckey died at the scene, according to TAPD.

The initial investigation has revealed Luckey forced his way inside the apartment and began physically assaulting his estranged wife Tynisha Luckey and another man who was inside the apartment.

Prosecutors will decide if there are grounds to file charges, but it sounds like a legitimate case of self-defense.

Tynisha Luckey was able to get her hands on her firearm and shot Luckey several times, thus likely saving her life and the life of the man in her apartment.

I’ve said before that the way to end domestic violence is for battered partners to put a bullet in their attackers, and Ms. Luckey is a perfect illustration of just how that works. Her ex=husband illegally entered her home with violent intent and she put him down like a rabid dog. Good for her.

Yes, she could have called the police, but how long would that have taken? The man in her apartment received several injuries as it is. How many more would he have sustained? What about her?

Honestly, there’s no guarantee police would have arrived any sooner than just in time to draw chalk outlines around the bodies. Well, they still did. The difference was they were doing it with a violent criminal who had already illustrated he wasn’t worthy of walking in civilized society.


Ms. Luckey did what was right and what was just.

Yet let’s also remember there are those who don’t think she should have had a gun. They think she should have made do with a dog or a baseball bat. Nevermind that the late Mr. Luckey might well have ignored the dog and taken the bat away from her. After all, you have to get close to use one of those on someone.

For the most part, the average woman is going to be physically weaker than the average man. Sure, there are exceptions. For example, look up Stefi Cohen sometime. She’s stronger than most guys on a pound by pound basis and stronger than many when you look at raw numbers. She’s not the typical woman, however. She’s exceptional.

Because of this difference, though, it’s more important that women have the best tools to neutralize that strength advantage. That means guns, as Ms. Luckey so ably illustrated for the whole world to see.

A reduction in violent crime doesn’t mean there is no violent crime. Take the threats seriously before you end up finding out the hard way just how that sort of thing really works.

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