FL Man Blames Guns In His Trunk On John Wick

One of the most awesome action movies of recent years has to be John Wick. The plot sounds like a country song, a man loses his wife and his dog and all that, but that’s just how it gets starting. What follows is just one ridiculously awesome shoot-em-up sequence after another. It’s not realistic, it’s just ridiculously fun.


It’s also completely and totally fiction.

However, a Florida man apparently didn’t seem to grasp that little fact.

Getro Gelin, 27, was being investigated for domestic violence Sunday after a woman told police that Gelin had threatened her with a gun, The Smoking Gun reported.

Police later searched Gelin’s Porsche and found a handgun, a semi-automatic rifle and a bulletproof vest, the police report said. Such an arsenal would have fit right into one of the films starring Keanu Reeves.

Officers asked Gelin why the guns were in his car, but Gelin was light years ahead of them with his excuse: He told the cops that he’d recently sold the car to his cousin John Wick.

Wow. Just…wow.

Now, I could see someone answering that because they’re smarting off. I’m notorious for my smart mouth, after all, so I can see how someone might go that route. It’s not a wise route to go, but I can see it happening.

But there’s no evidence that Gelin was just popping off to the officers. It seems he was dead serious. He actually seems to have believed he could convince police that his cousin, John Wick, was the actual owner of the vehicle.

Needless to say, the police didn’t buy the explanation. They pushed a little further and Gelin admitted he lied about the name, but refused to give his cousin’s name.


Look, it’s not illegal in most places to have a trunk full of guns. The Second Amendment covers that kind of thing and, well, a trunk full of guns might be scary to some people, but usually, those who are terrified of trunk guns are terrified of any guns.


All that goes out the window if you (allegedly) use a gun to threaten someone’s life. At that point, you’ve already committed a crime and all those guns in the trunk become far more ominous. Port St. Lucie, where this took place, didn’t have a lot of options but to consider it something of a concern.

Still, he apparently hasn’t been charged with anything other than the domestic violence, which is fine. After all, there doesn’t appear to have been anything in the trunk to charge him with, though I suspect police are running serial numbers of those guns now to make sure none are stolen. After all, one would expect John Wick to potentially have a few black market guns here or there.

Honestly, telling the cops his cousin’s name was John Wick was perhaps the dumbest thing he could have done. I suspect some of the officers will at least give him points for creativity. It’s certainly not an excuse they hear very often, so Gelin had that going for him.

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