Los Angeles Raid Nets 30 Illegal Guns Despite Strict Laws

California gun control, we’re told, is a great thing and the rest of the country should totally embrace it. That’s what anti-gunners routinely argue. Why else is it that California is often the only state to get an “A” grade from these gun control groups?

Oh, they want California gun laws for all of us. The problem, though, is that those laws don’t actually work nearly as well as some might like to think.

I mean, if it did, it’s unlikely an individual in California could have amassed an arsenal with so many weapons banned under state law.

Joshua Joffred, 34, was taken into custody after a month-long multi-agency investigation that began when he applied for a concealed weapons permit, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office reported Wednesday.

Detectives discovered that Joffred owned several weapons while he was also addicted to an opiate-based narcotic.

After obtaining search warrants, deputies pulled Joffred over near his Newbury Park home at around 1:30 p.m. Monday, where they found a loaded handgun concealed in the center console, the sheriff’s office said.

They then raided his home, where they seized 30 guns, including semiautomatic centerfire rifles, AK-47 variant assault rifles, semiautomatic pistols, a semiautomatic shotgun and several handguns. They also found high-capacity drum-style magazines that hold over 50 rounds off ammo.

Of course, many of these are illegal in and of themselves. Couple that with the fact that Joffred was addicted to drugs while having those guns and you’ve got more criminal activity.


So, how could a man buy all these illicit weapons? Anti-gunners would tell you that Joffred could easily obtain these guns because other states don’t have California’s strict gun control laws. If they had similar laws, he wouldn’t have been able to get them.

Of course, this is a man who had no trouble getting his hands on opiate-based narcotics which are strictly controlled in every state in the nation.

I mean, he got drugs without a problem, but guns will mystically disappear and become unattainable because they’re tightly controlled. Don’t believe it for a minute.

Joffred got drugs so guns are hardly a stretch for him. He may well have been involved in the trade of either or both.

Regardless, California’s gun control laws were insufficient to keep him from amassing a fairly respectable arsenal of firearms, many of which were expressly banned by state law. That also includes the larger-capacity magazines also banned by state law. In fact, pretty much everything Joffred owned was evidence that gun control is nothing but an abysmal failure with really good public relations.

For those of us who actually follow this stuff, though, we know better. We know that gun control has never stopped a criminal from hurting another person. We know that plenty of criminals have no trouble getting a gun regardless of whatever laws are on the books.

The only ones prevented from having these things in the state are the law-abiding citizens who are now at a disadvantage to the criminals who simply don’t care.

Sep 21, 2021 10:30 AM ET