Maryland County Considers Sanctuary Status

On the hierarchy of gun control states, Maryland isn’t often mentioned near the top, but it probably should be. It’s a heavily gun controlled state that is driven primarily by the urban populations of Baltimore and the D.C. crowd living in places like Chevy Chase.


However, like everywhere else, there are a lot of people who aren’t thrilled about the gun control in their state.

Now, it seems that some in the state are stepping up and at least talking about doing something to put a halt to further encroachment.

One item in the Wicomico County Council’s Tuesday work session triggered discussion before its meeting even began.

The council’s agenda Tuesday, May 19, included Sheriff Mike Lewis presenting a possible resolution to declare Wicomico County a “Second Amendment Sanctuary.”

That “sanctuary” status refers to states, counties or localities in the United States adopting laws or resolutions to block enforcement of certain gun control measures. Universal gun background checks, high capacity magazine bans, assault weapon bans, red flag laws and others are just some potential measures perceived by some as Second Amendment violations.

The resolution up for discussion in Wicomico County would be largely “ceremonial,” according to the sheriff.

OK, the “ceremonial” part kind of sucks, but it’s better than nothing. At a minimum, such a measure can remind state officials that the rest of the state they actually exist and aren’t thrilled with such anti-gun antics as they’ve pushed in the past.

It’s also a signal to others in the state, a reminder that while the state may lean one direction or another, it’s not monolithic in its liberal politics.

The big question is, is this kind of thing really enough? Will such efforts actually yield results, or will it be largely symbolic efforts that make us whoop and holler for a little while in support, and then…nothing?


Look, I’m not going to underestimate the importance of supporting those in rural parts of the state who understand how important the Second Amendment is. However, it’s not enough to just support them. It’s not enough to tell them we understand. At some point, we have to do things that will create real, lasting change.

But for that to happen, we probably need for these sanctuary resolutions to be more than “ceremonial” and to actually have some teeth.

More than that, it’ll have to be used as a springboard somehow to get pro-gun candidates elected to office and to take seats from anti-gun activists that currently fill those offices.

Should that happen, then these measures being ceremonial won’t matter. It won’t matter because then lawmakers can undo the decades of damage caused by anti-gun Democrats looking to disarm law-abiding citizens rather than addressing any of the very real crime issues facing the state. That would require effort, something none of them currently in office seem inclined to tackle.

It’s much easier blaming guns, gun owners, the Second Amendment, and anything else they can rather than admit their own pathetic history of failure after failure.

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