March For Our Lives Co-Founders Continue Fearmongering During Pandemic

With a pandemic still stomping on lives and our economy, most people are kind of focused on putting their lives back together. They’re looking forward to opportunities to see friends again, to interact with people who aren’t immediate family, to live again.


However, some people aren’t interested in letting people do that. They’ve got an agenda and damn anyone who tries to function without accounting for it.

You know, people like those teenage scolds who founded March For Our Lives who penned an op-ed that’s nothing but fearmongering.

If you had asked us seven weeks ago what the biggest threat facing school-aged kids was, gun violence in our schools, without a question, would have been at the top of our list. However, COVID-19, has changed the world and our lives in ways never imagined.

Ironically, gun violence remains a dangerous and lethal threat for far too many of us, and those dangers have only been heightened due to the crisis.

The majority of us, some 74.2 million students, have now been home for more than a month and the reality is it’s bound to remain like this for some time. A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that March was the first month since 2002 that our nation had not experienced a school shooting.

This was not the result of policymakers passing laws to protect students or fortifying schools like prisons to stop would be shooters. It is a sad and unfortunate reality that a global pandemic has done what policymakers in Washington have been unable to do: make our schools, at least temporarily, free of gun violence.

The threat of gun violence has heightened at home

Over the nearly two months that we’ve been sheltering in place, the statistics make clear just how dangerous it can be to live at home and just how more dangerous it has become as a result of COVID.


Wow, really? It has?

Surely, writers Delaney Tarr and Tyah Amoy-Roberts have data to back this up. I mean, after two months of lockdown, we should have tons of statistics to back this up, things like crime reports and similar information, right?

Well, they don’t.

This is all predicated on the fact that gun sales have skyrocketed. That’s it. That’s the totality of their data to support the assertion that people are still in danger.

Look, the risk of mass shootings has been drastically and horribly overstated, but at least those attacks come from people who are essentially random, people that others don’t know. Because of that lack of knowledge, the fear is more palpable. People are terrified of the threats they don’t see coming.

But the writers have decided that you should really be terrified of the people who live with you and that you know better than anyone else in the world.

Oh, yeah, they throw out the fact that a number of battered women are shot by their abusive spouses, but how many of those dirtballs would have tried to kill their wives by stabbing them with a kitchen knife or bludgeoning them to death with a baseball bat? I’m sorry, but you’re going to need more to go on.

For example, one could try showing the criminal data that shows violence on the rise after so many millions of people bought guns for the first time. The problem is, they can’t. That data simply doesn’t exist. The places where violence has increased are in our violent inner cities where the gangs haven’t given a damn about stay-at-home orders or much of anything else.


They lack any real data to suggest that there is a problem unless you simply equate people who buy guns with violence.

While Tarr and company have repeatedly claimed their organization isn’t against the Second Amendment, it’s clear that they’re lying. They don’t want you to have a gun because they can’t differentiate between a law-abiding gun owner and a criminal. Plain and simple.

I’m sorry, but if you’re going to make that case, you’d damn well better bring a better case than that.

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