Pro-Police Site Taken Down Amid Anti-Cop Hysteria

At the moment, police officers are in an awful position. The good officers–and they make up the bulk of the police officers in this country–are being held accountable not just for what other officers did, but often for what officers in completely different states have done. It’s hardly fair, yet most officers know that life isn’t fair.


However, there are a handful of outfits that have been unapologetically pro-cop, and one is Blue Lives Matter.

Of course, with a name like that, you’d kind of expect them to be pro-police. However, the site is being taken down after its parent company faced an internal backlash.

Employees of a media company that owns Sports Illustrated and Maxim want the publisher to shut down a pro-police website.

The call to pull the plug on Defense Maven, a website also known as Blue Lives Matter, came during a staff meeting Friday where Maven Media Brands announced an across-the-board 15% salary cut to counter the deep losses in advertising revenue triggered by the coronavirus, the Daily Beast reported, citing sources at the meeting.

The workers pointed to the nationwide George Floyd protests as the reason behind their demand, Daily Beast reported.

In a chat that took place simultaneously, the Daily Beast said, workers used the words “embarrassing,” “a disgrace” and “horrible” to describe the Blue Lives Matter website and criticized lax editorial restrictions that they said allow readers to make racist comments “with no monitoring” and no fact-checking.

Except, no site fact-checks the comments sections. I mean, so many comment sections are absolute dumpster fires anyway (not ours, of course, but that’s because Bearing Arms readers or those of any of our sister sites are far too intelligent and sophisticated for dumpster-fire behavior). It’s generally accepted that one does not read the comments.


I also doubt there were any actual racist comments. Instead, it’s more likely that there were comments that went against the narrative in less than polite ways, and that was the real problem.

Yet the comment section is just an excuse. No, the problem is that these employees didn’t like working for a company that also held up a pro-police website. That’s all it was about.

They especially didn’t like it when they were told they were getting their pay cut.

Yet, over at HotAir, Jazz Shaw offered his thoughts on the offended employees:

There are a couple of bits of irony to note in this story. The workers who complained about how embarrassing, disgraceful and horrible the Blue Lives Matter site is work for Maxim and Sports Illustrated. (Both fine publications to be sure, but the woke crowd who worries about feminist ideals might not be so wild about Maxim nor the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.) But somehow, reporting on news about attacks on police officers and honoring the fallen is… disgraceful.


Blue Lives Matter illustrates the war on police in this country. It talks about officers lost in the line of duty, those injured in various ways, and things of that sort. And yet, people who work for Maxim, which is just a skin magazine that’s just barely able to be sold somewhere other than behind the counter, is perfectly acceptable.


Absolutely hilarious.

Unfortunately, what’s not hilarious is that a website that was dedicated to serving law enforcement and their families, that told people that police were targeted by violent jackwagons on a daily basis, is being shut down because the harpies can’t handle it.

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