Even CNN Can't Ignore Increase In Gun, Ammo Sales After Anti-Cop Rhetoric

It started with a horrible tragedy, one that was universally decried. For a brief moment, we were united in common cause. We all agreed that what happened to George Floyd was awful and that we should try and make sure it never happened again.


It was just a bit after that when the whole damn thing went off the rails.

Before long, we started hearing cries of “defund the police” from various sectors. While some have tried to spin it as an effort to reallocate police funds for other things that might reduce crime without police involvement, far too many others are calling for the outright abolition of various police departments.

Now, many of those who didn’t stock up on guns and ammo following the pandemic are doing so now. It’s bad enough that even CNN can’t ignore it.

Coronavirus-fueled fears of social unrest already had Americans panic-buying guns and bullets at record rates earlier this year. That was before the police killing of George Floyd caused an international uproar, leading to protests that, at times, descended into riots, arson and looting in cities across the United States.

Those circumstances and the rise of the Defund the Police movement championed by Black Lives Matter activists have led to higher sales for firearms and ammunition dealers.
Firearms dealers across the country have reported a recent spike in sales, citing the unrest following police brutality protests in support of George Floyd and calls to defund the police as catalysts, according to gun industry analyst Rob Southwick, founder of the market research firm Southwick Associates Inc.
“Anything that can cause people to feel unsafe in relation to possible physical crime to self, others and property can drive firearm sales,” Southwick told CNN Business.

And let’s be honest, defunding police departments is something that’s going to make folks feel a tad unsafe.

Again, while some activists are claiming that cries of defunding the police is really a call for serious reform of how we address crime as a whole, most people aren’t taking it that way. Nor should they.

Let’s remember that Minneapolis voted to disband their police department. They didn’t have a plan for what came next, they just wanted to disband their department. That doesn’t sound like reallocation of resources to try and help problem people before they require a police response or anything else.

So yeah, people are buying up guns and ammo because while many trusted the police to protect them, they’re now left wondering if there will even be a police department to call in the event of an emergency. After all, while some don’t want to go that far, others want to disband every law enforcement agency in the country.

Do they think criminals will simply stop existing? Do they think those who would harm others will just vanish?

They won’t. As a result, people will need to defend themselves.


For those folks, though, I’ve got a news flash. You’ve always needed to be the one to defend yourself. The police can’t protect anyone but themselves. They might want to, but they can’t. They can’t be everywhere. So even if the defund the police movement fades away, you’ll still be responsible for your own protection.

Just some food for thought.

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