Alabama Arrests Signal Why Gun Control Will ALWAYS Fail

Right now, millions of new gun owners probably have a lot of gun control advocates on their heels. After all, many of those have now found out just how much the anti-gunners have lied with regard to how easy it is to get a gun. Buy a gun on the internet? Nope, it still has to go through an FFL. Just grab and go? Nope, you have to get a background check. So many lies it’s not even funny.

Yet gun control fans are going to keep pushing. They’re persistent that way.

They’ll argue that gun control can and will work. Of course, many think the best way for it to work is to disarm everyone. After all, then the criminals won’t have guns to steal.

Except, as a case in Alabama shows us, they will.

Muscle Shoals Police Chief Clint Reck said Brandon Pryor and a juvenile are facing charges for a series of burglaries overnight in Cottonwood Estates and Nathan Estates, including the theft from the sheriff’s office vehicle on Luanne Street.

An M-16 and a 12 gauge shotgun were taken from the patrol vehicle, the sheriff’s office said. The break-in happened sometime between 6 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.

So, if all of us private citizens are disarmed, who is going to stand up to the criminals that steal guns from the police?

Asking for a friend.

The truth is that anti-gunners don’t really think about things in a big-picture kind of way. They don’t like guns–some, admittedly, for what seems to them like very good reasons–and they want to see them go away. They work to make that world happen, which is their God-given right.

Yet their myopic worldview ignores the myriad of ways criminals get guns. They call for limiting our ability to purchase guns, but ignore that criminals obtain their guns either through theft or the black market, which tends to involve theft. They call for limiting the capacity of our firearms while ignoring that criminals both ignore those capacity limits buy either modifying or buying higher-capacity magazines from elsewhere. They seek to ban certain guns while missing that criminals aren’t buying from people concerned with what guns are legal and which aren’t.

Over and over again, this same tune keeps playing, and yet gun control advocates fail to notice.

At the end of the day, even if you stripped guns from every law-abiding man and woman, criminals would still obtain guns. They’d make them. They’d modify non-functioning guns until they work. They’d steal them from sheriff’s office cars. They’ll do whatever they had to in order to get guns.

Preventing that from happening is damn near tilting at windmills.

Instead, making sure law-abiding citizens are empowered to meet these threats should they occur and protect the lives of innocent people, namely themselves, is the only sane response. Yet it’s a response anti-gunners can’t seem to grasp, mostly because they just don’t want to.

At the end of the day, yes, these two were caught, but others haven’t been. Those guns are still on the street and will be for quite some time, regardless of any gun control laws.