Politico Attacks Trump, Conservatives Over Chicago Violence

The idea of Chicago being violence is as uncontroversial as saying the sky is blue and the grass is generally green. It’s not exactly something many people can truly dispute. The numbers speak for themselves.


Further, we can all see how already high violent crime has spiked since riots swept the nation, engulfing so many major cities in fire and hatred. Yes, it’s gotten worse.

It’s so bad that President Donald Trump spoke of sending federal officers into town to clean up the streets.

Trump isn’t the only one taking issue with Chicago. It’s been a long-time issue for those on the right.

Apparently, Politico isn’t happy about that.

The prospect of federal agents being deployed to Chicago marked the realization of long-held conservative aspirations.

Conservative media for decades have painted America’s third-largest city as a national hub of gun violence and gang activity, crippled by what they see as political correctness thwarting real solutions.

Now President Donald Trump is indulging the dream more than any national leader in recent history, attempting to turn a major liberal city into an election-year example of his pledge to deliver law and order across the country. The president’s drumbeat of attention on Chicago — with a pledge to send in hundreds of federal agents to quell the city’s gun violence problem — has turned into a stampede of voices designed to rally his troops in the culture wars.

“If I were mayor of Chicago, I would be begging the president to help me out here in terms of providing more resources” to control gun violence, said John Lott, a prominent conservative gun researcher frequently cited by the National Rifle Association.

Lott, president of the pro-gun Crime Prevention Research Center, accused city leadership of years of neglect due to “politically correct” restrictions, budget reductions and cuts to the police force, leading to lower conviction rates for murders and fewer disincentives against crime. And he said Trump’s overtures should be welcomed.

“I wouldn’t be yelling at him and calling him a racist for trying to help, because the people that are having their lives destroyed are poor Blacks,” Lott said.


In their mind, though, this is horrible. It’s something no president should do; as if Chicago is just fine as it is.

Only, even Politico has to admit that it’s not.

Instead, though, they lash out and seemingly try to lay the blame for all of the Windy City’s ills on guns. Nevermind that Illinois is a very gun controlled state by American standards. Nevermind that Chicago had even more strict gun control for years and that never quelled the violence. Nevermind any of that.

Instead, they want to paint it as if President Trump has somehow crossed a line.

However, the truth of the matter is that Chicago and Mayor Lori Lightfoot clearly can’t handle the violent crime that plagues the city. While anti-gunners may love to blame firearms, there’s nothing legal in Chicago that’s not legal in the vast majority of the nation–places that don’t have Chicago’s violent crime rate, either, I might add–so clearly the issue lies somewhere else.

None of that or anything else is actually mentioned in Politico’s article. Nothing at all except to demonize Trump and the right, as if they’re really the ones responsible for Chicago’s problems.

Instead, they’re engaging in political narcissism much like Lightfoot does by blaming all Chicago’s issues on outside forces. Nothing is of their own making, they’re just helpless victims of what everyone else is doing to them.


At least Lightfoot had enough sense to team up with the feds to deal with her city’s problems. Politico, however, doesn’t have to do any such thing. They just get to stomp their feet and hold their breath until they get their way.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will just laugh as they turn blue and pass out instead.

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