Armed Citizen Thwarts Waffle House Robbery

Guns save lives.

We all know this, of course. The problem is, not everyone does. They’ll tell us that someone having a gun makes a situation worse, despite having a very hard time actually proving that case.


Regardless, though, we do know that armed citizens stop crimes all the time.

Kind of like this one.

Officers cahrged 19-year-old Jamal Ford and 22-year-old Kenji Yates with attempted armed robbery.

Investigators say it happened around midnight on Tuesday, August 11 at the Waffle House located on 2345 Broad River Road.

According to officials, the suspects walked into the business, pointed guns at the cook, and demanded money.

Deputies say one customers in the restaurant who is also a licensed gun owner confronted the suspects. Gunfire was exchanged in the restaurant and the suspects ran away without any money.

No injuries were reported.

K-9 units were dispatched and the suspects arrested.

However, I can’t help but think that these two dipsticks may have picked the second dumbest place to hold up right after the local donut shop. While Waffle House may not have the number of police officers you normally see at a donut store, their normal clientele is also far more likely to be armed than almost anywhere else besides a gun store.

Per capita, Waffle House customers may be the best-armed people almost anywhere, so how did these turdnuggets think this was going to go?

Well, it went about as you’d expect.

However, there’s also a lesson here. In particular, these two numbskulls outnumbered and outgunned the armed citizen, yet who ran away?

Most violent criminals aren’t really tough guys. They’re cowards who are too screwed up in the head to know how to hold down a real job, so they take up crime as a career. The moment they’re met with armed resistance, they freak out.


That’s because most criminals aren’t like the bad guys in the movie. They’re not hardened killers who will blow away anyone who opposes them, whether they’re armed or not. No, they’re scared little children in adult-sized bodies. The moment they can’t bully someone, they freak out.

One single armed citizen who didn’t even apparently hit what he was aiming at managed to stop two robbers simply by offering resistance.

Meanwhile, we’ve been told that resistance is wrong, that you should just comply with the wishes of the criminal. Well, we know that’s not always right. In fact, it’s usually not right. There may be tactical reasons to comply, sure, but to believe that’s the automatically correct answer in all circumstances is ridiculous

Instead, resistance offers up a great many more alternatives for you, including surviving the encounter. It also helps dissuade such people from continuing with their criminal ways. I mean, if I got shot at for doing something I knew damn well to be wrong, I’d probably do some long, hard rethinking of my life choices.

At the end of the day, though, I’m glad everything turned out well. I’m glad there was an armed citizen present to prevent these two alleged criminals from hurting anyone. I’m also glad they’re off the streets.

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