Asked About Frisking By Female Cop. Officer's Response Hilarious

If you’ve ever been frisked yourself, or seen it done, you can imagine why some people are less than comfortable with the experience. I mean, if someone is going to put their hand that close to certain body parts of mine, I sure hope someone bought the other party dinner first.


Frisking, however, isn’t so police can get their jollies while arresting people. In fact, my understanding is that their personal feelings are quite the opposite. The thing is, frisking also serves an important purpose.

So, when a Portland “protestor” was arrested recently, she knew she was going to get frisked. So did a journalist watching the incident.

That’s when things got hysterical.

Early Sunday morning before the sun rose, a freelance journalist noticed Portland’s finest had handcuffed a female protester.

Video was running as the obligatory pat-down commenced, and the journalist — also a woman — grew suspicious as it apparently looked as though only male officers were on hand.

“Do you have a female officer present while you’re patting her down?” the journalist asked.

“No, we don’t,” an officer replied.

Then at that moment, a different officer chimed in with a comeback for the ages amid the rioting: “How do you know that I don’t identify as a female?”

Laughter quickly ensued among his colleagues, all of whom were shrouded in darkness.

Of course, that didn’t sit too well with some in the area. They thought the officer was being a “smart-ass,” and others claimed they hated the police for the comment.


Then again, I’m pretty sure no one actually cared what the rioters had to say on the issue and those that said they hated them weren’t exactly fans of the police beforehand.

However, the comment may also offer something we should probably talk about.

You see, the comment is an indictment of Woke Culture. In particular, the idea that no matter how someone presents themselves to the world, you simply can’t assume anything about them despite what you may see with your own two eyes, that to do so is somehow bigoted and wrongheaded.

Don’t get me wrong, there are trans people in every walk of life, including the Second Amendment community and I’m not trying to disrespect them. However, there’s a difference between asking me to treat someone wearing women’s clothes and trying to present themselves as a woman–regardless of how well they do it–and expecting me to assume the possibility that this person who is presenting every signal to the world that they’re female actually identifies as male.

Now, that’s outside the scope of what we talk about here at Bearing Arms.

What isn’t, though, is that the officers who will normally be respectful of ideas they don’t normally agree with–and this is Portland, where they’re more likely to agree with them than in some other cities–are now cracking wise at the dominant ideology prevalent with the protestors. It suggests that they’re even more fed up with these nightly battles than some might realize.


It also tells me that if Portland officials don’t get a handle on their city soon, things could blow up in ways no one really wants to see. If those officers are getting frustrated by the lack of support from the city and are constantly being treated like crap by the people those same officials deify, it’s going to blow up sooner or later and that won’t be pretty.

In the meantime, though, we do have what I find to be a hilarious comeback.

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