Suspect Busted After Allegedly Stealing Guns From Outdoor Store

Suspect Busted After Allegedly Stealing Guns From Outdoor Store

The Second Amendment protects the right to own a firearm. The Heller and McDonald decisions handed down by the Supreme Court locked in the individual right to own a gun and made it clear that gun bans are unconstitutional.

In other words, guns are here to stay.

However, gun control advocates argue that the policies they’re pushing will reduce crime because criminals won’t be able to obtain a firearm. That’s fascinating to hear because this man had little trouble with getting his hands on them.

A suspect has been arrested and 23 stolen firearms were recovered after a break-in at an outdoor sports store in Lapeer County earlier this month.

Deputies from the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Office responded to a break-in alarm at Bowman’s Outdoors, located at 5936 N. Vandyke Road, in the early morning hours on Aug. 14.

After arriving to the scene, deputies discovered the building had been broken into and entry had been made. More than two dozen firearms were stolen and the suspects had fled the scene, the sheriff’s office said.

Security footage revealed three males were responsible for the break-in. The suspects fled the scene in a light-colored Chevrolet Cruze.

Several pieces of evidence were recovered at the scene including footwear impressions, tire tread impressions, DNA evidence, and other types of evidence.

So clearly, we weren’t talking about a master criminal. A source called common sense tells me that he also didn’t fill out the Form 4473 or undergo a criminal background check.

Regardless, though, he managed to steal a pile of guns. It sounds like most have been recovered, but not all of them.

Yet this crime highlights why gun control simply won’t and cannot work. You see, the suspect allegedly stole the firearms. He probably sold some to other criminals, thus putting guns on the streets through his criminal acts and outright defiance of any laws, gun control or otherwise.

See, that’s the problem that gun control advocates fail to understand. They push for laws that will restrain criminals, but that’s not even remotely possible. If it were, laws against theft alone would stop this kind of thing. People wouldn’t steal guns to carry out crimes because there would be no crime at all.

Hell, if laws worked all on their own, fewer people would bother to own a firearm. After all, if laws worked, we wouldn’t have to worry about tyranny from either the government or thugs.

Laws, however, are only words on a piece of paper. They require enforcement to have any meaning, which also means that some people will figure that if they can keep from getting caught, then they’re free to do as they wish. They steal and arm criminals because they have no respect for those words on a page and they have no respect for those who enforce those words on a page.

In other words, gun control will fail because it’s just more words that people like this will ignore.

Meanwhile, those words on a page do inhibit some people. They do get in the way of some folks, but only those who actually care what the words say and try to obey them. Those are the ones impacted, thus putting them at a disadvantage when dealing with those who don’t care a whit about what the words have to say.

Gun control cannot work because the very people supposedly meant to be impacted simply won’t be. It’ll be the rest of us who pay the price.