Now That They're Unpopular, Biden Denounces Riots

Now That They're Unpopular, Biden Denounces Riots

Democrats have been far more tolerant of the riots we’ve seen this year than Republicans. That’s not overly surprising, all things considered. Even if a Democrat opposes the violence and destruction of property, they’re far more likely to try and couch their language in platitudes meant to signal their support for the cause rather than the methods.


That’s if they’re interested in even bothering going that far.

However, the average American isn’t a fan of the riots. While we support the right to protest in this country, rioting isn’t protesting. It’s the violent destruction of private property and, by extension, people’s livelihoods.

Yet it’s only now that the Democratic nominee for president has decided he should denounce these riots.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden finally condemned the ongoing violence in Kenosha, Wis. and cities across the country after his campaign initially “misjudged how important it was to the American people,” pollster and president of Maslansky & Partners, Lee Carter told “Fox & Friends Weekend” Sunday.

“I think it’s important that we take note of this shift on the violence, because it’s really really important to the American people, and I think that his campaign might have misjudged how important it was to the American people and what it meant,” Carter said.

Until now, Democrats shared the sentiment that “if you were concerned about violence, if you’re concerned about law and order, that also meant that you did not support Black Lives Matter,” Carter said.

“I think that they’re not mutually exclusive and that’s something he’s [Biden] realized and recognized,” she added.

So, in other words, it sure looks like he flipped the script when he realized the American people didn’t like seeing their cities burned. Hell, I don’t like most of these cities and I don’t want to see them burned either.

But it’s worrying that it took the Biden team this long to denounce the riots. While he makes a big show about how he’s denouncing all violence, these riots have been going on for months.


In fairness, I’m not sure Biden knows what a month is at this point, but his people do and as such his campaign doesn’t get a pass.

It’s not until it became clear the American people had an issue that he said anything. Then he has to fall all over himself pandering, yet these are happening in Democratic cities where their mayors seem unable or unwilling to do a damn thing to address this violence. It’s downright pathetic, but Biden’s attempt at pandering may be even worse.

After all, as I already noted, he had months to denounce the riots. He had months to speak out against it, even while still decrying the alleged police brutality that sparked them. He had time to say something, but he didn’t.

As a result, his words now ring hollow, a prime example of “too little, too late.” Oh, the media can call his denunciation forceful all they want, but it’s not. It’s an attempt to try and win those who aren’t on the far-left fringe that are getting sick of the Democrats supporting senseless destruction and nothing else.

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