This Is Why Chicago's Violence Will Remain Out Of Control

It’s a recurring theme, unfortunately. Most sites not licking the progressive boot will routinely have some kind of post every few weeks about how violent Chicago’s weekend was. To be fair, it’s pretty damn bad. It doesn’t matter just how you shake it, it’s bad.


In fact, it was bad enough before everything exploded all over the country with a brief lull during the lockdown.

Now, though, its worse than ever, or so it seems. Then again, stuff like this might play a factor.

A West Side man on house arrest for a gun case is accused of opening fire on members of a family he’d just met at a weekend birthday party in South Austin, killing two and wounding three before someone shot him, prosecutors said Monday.

Cook County prosecutors described in court how a late-night gathering with cocktails and music turned bloody early Saturday when Timmy Jordan, 39, fired seven to 10 shots into a group of revelers, striking five relatives outside a two-story apartment building in the 100 block of North Central Avenue.

One of those wounded, a concealed carry license holder, pulled his own gun and wounded Jordan before dying, authorities said.

So much for that whole “concealed carriers have never stopped a mass shooting” nonsense. It’s a shame the armed citizen died, but that’s a damn hero no matter how you cut it, not the overpaid crybabies that put an accused rapist’s name on their uniform.

Anyway, carrying on:


Jordan, who shared a home with his mother on Pine Avenue where the shooting occurred, faces two counts of first-degree murder and three counts of attempted murder. He remained hospitalized in critical condition Monday, but his condition has improved, Assistant State’s Attorney James Murphy told a judge during a hearing broadcast on YouTube.

A judge ordered Jordan held without bail and granted a request by prosecutors to also hold Jordan for violating the terms of his bond from an April felony gun case when he was placed on electronic monitoring and confined to his home.

Now, I happen to think most gun laws are ridiculous, but if laws are on the books and you’re going to attempt to enforce them, then you enforce them. The idea of a criminal being held at home–I’m assuming that this wasn’t his first rodeo since the most likely weapons charge is possession by a felon–where their life can be nice and cushy isn’t exactly filling anyone with confidence that Chicago has a handle on their issues.

If the guy was enough of a threat that he couldn’t be back on the streets, he probably should have stayed locked up.

One has to ask what Jordan’s rap sheet actually looks like. I have to wonder if there was a history of violent crime, which seems likely. If so, the move to allow at-home confinement is even dumber than it might otherwise look. We do know that this wasn’t his first case of illegal possession of a firearm. He looks like a career felon, but no one seemed to care.


At the end of the day, whether people agree with the laws or not, if someone has a gun and they’re not legally supposed to have a gun, there’s a very high likelihood they can both get another gun and are willing to use it for ridiculous reasons. That’s what it looks like happened here.

Yet another takeaway is that no matter what Illinois gun laws try to do, people like Jordan will still get guns and do horrible things with them. If you want to curb violence, you have to try something different and stop focusing on the guns.

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