Gutfeld Nails It On Anti-Police Climate

There’s a lot of anti-police sentiment. I mean, when a mob tries to actively cause the deaths of injured officers, it’s safe to say there’s some anti-police sentiment. Right now, it seems people are losing their ever-loving minds about police.


And yet, the media seems to be either quiet about it or clearly taking the side of those who despise law enforcement.

Frankly, it’s disgusting.

While I’ve never viewed law enforcement officers as some near-mythical paragons of truth, justice, and the American way–I grew up around them. I know better than that. They’re people, which means all that being people would imply–I have a serious problem with folks actively wanting law enforcement dead simply because they’re police and the media not calling it out.

I’m not the only one, either. Fox News host Greg Gutfeld is there as well.

The two Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies shot in the head over the weekend in Compton, Calif., are expected to survive.

One is a 31-year-old mother of a young child, the other a 24-year-old man.

The officers had been sitting in their car in Compton on Saturday night, when a man, or something, attempted to assassinate them.

He’s still on the loose.

If this were any other type of victim, not the police — this would be the time that the media would talk about “climate.”

We’ve created a climate of hate and intolerance, where horrible attacks against this group are possible.

It’s a climate where certain people are hunted because of who they are. It’s a climate that fosters oppression.

But the victims are cops.

So you don’t hear that. Even if it’s true.


Let’s remember that these are the same people who claimed Sarah Palin fostered a climate of hate and violence simply because she used crosshairs over districts where some felt they could flip the seats. She did that, then Gabby Giffords was shot and it was all Sarah Palin’s fault despite no evidence the shooter even knew the fundraising material in question ever existed.


President Trump makes a mean tweet and suddenly he’s fostering a climate where any manner of evil can fester.

And yet, people are actively hunting police officers and this same media is silent about the anti-police climate. That’s because “climates” only exist when it’s convenient for the media. They don’t benefit from calling this a climate. Not personally and not politically. As a result, they’ll remain silent.

Meanwhile, people have been hurt. Police officers are being hunted. Mobs are trying to keep them from receiving the medical care they need to survive.

The media, however, remains silent.

When President Trump referred to the media as an enemy of the people, the left lost their minds. However, he wasn’t really wrong, either, and the ridiculously biased way they present information and try to manipulate public opinion is precisely why he was right. As a one-time newspaper man, I had to say it, but the media really is an enemy of the people.

And they’re proving it by failing to respond to this climate as they have situations that were far less dire.

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